Frayba denounces new forced displacement of 90 families in Chiapas

The sign reads: “We demand disarticulation of the Chenalhó paramilitary group.” Photo from Proceso.

 By: Isaín Mandujano


The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center (Frayba) denounced that a civilian armed group of Chenalhó provoked the forced displacement of some 90 Tsotsil families from a community in the neighbor municipality of Aldama, without (as of now) the authorities having taken the measures necessary to counter this other humanitarian tragedy added to the one in Chalchihuitán.

The Frayba reported that at least 90 Tsotsil families from the community of Koko, municipality of Aldama, were victims of forced displacement since Saturday, March 24 due to the violent action of an armed group coming from Manuel Utrilla, in Chenalhó.

The families are dispersed in the mountains now, without the secure conditions or humanitarian assistance that their rights as indigenous peoples in displacement guaranty.

Additionally, civilian Zapatista families (bases of support in Zapatista terminology) from the communities of Aldama and the Manuel Utrilla ejido are also at grave risk of forced displacement, as well as of threats to their life, integrity and security because of the same armed group that provoked the displacement on Tuesday March 20 of 145 Tsotsil families from Tabak, Aldama, the Frayba accused.

These acts, it abounded, are the continuation of violence in the region after the humanitarian crisis due to the forced displacement of 5,023 people in Chalchihuitán and the forced displacement of seven families from Aldama since May 2016.

It also warned that the inefficiency of Manuel Velasco’s government has generated impunity in the zone, because of the protection it gives to Rosa Pérez Pérez, the municipal president of Chenalhó, and to the armed groups that operate in the region.

Because of that, Frayba demanded that the state and federal governments guaranty the life, integrity and personal security of the civilian Zapatista families and of the population in general in the communities of Tabak, Koko’, Cotsilnam, Stselej Potop, Xchuch Te, Puente and in the municipal capital of Aldama, as well as of the Zapatista bases of support in Manuel Utrilla, in Chenalhó (municipality).

It also asked that the governments urgently and integrally attend to the displacement situation of 145 Tsotsil families from Tabak, and 90 families from Koko’, in the municipality of Aldama, immediately applying the guiding principles on internal displacements of the United Nations, as well as carrying out preventive actions for the purpose of avoiding that other communities are forcibly displaced due to armed attacks in the region.

Then it demanded a ceasefire and implementing an effective strategy for disarticulation, disarming, arrest and punishment of the civilian armed groups in the region, as well as an in-depth investigation of the authorities responsible for their organization and operation.

And the Frayba demanded of Velasco Coello assuming his responsibility as the state’s governor and attending to the spiral of violence that exists in the region, the human rights violations and the emergency in which the residents of Aldama are found in an integral and in-depth manner.


Originally Published in Spanish by Proceso

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee



2 Comments on “Frayba denounces new forced displacement of 90 families in Chiapas

  1. Good Evening,

    Is this displacement narco related, or due to a foreign company illegally trying to get land, or what exactly?

    Please help me understand.


  2. These civilian armed groups are paramilitary groups. They are often paid or otherwise rewarded by local politicians that have economic motives that coincide with the motives of corporations.

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