Chomsky: the United States supports a State coup or the assassination of Evo Morales

Noam Chomsky

 November 10, 2019 [This was written before Morales was forced to resign.]

 Political scientist Noam Chomsky denounces that the United States is behind the State coup of the opposition in Bolivia to overthrow President Evo Morales.

“The Bolivian oligarchy promotes the coup (…) and counts on total support from the United States Government, which for a long time has been eager to expel Evo Morales and his movement from power,” warns the well-known US political scientist.

In a comunicado issued Saturday, Chomsky warned that the operations center of the United States embassy in La Paz (Bolivia’s capital) has permitted glimpsing two plans in the South American country: “‘plan A’, a State coup, and ‘plan B’, the assassination of Morales,” he indicated.

According to the political scientist, the Bolivian opposition prepares a State coup after the failure it suffered in the elections of this past October 20 against the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), led by Morales.

Such actions constitute a grave violation of the United Nations Charter and of all international norms, he lamented, before expressing his hope that the people and the Bolivian Government frustrate the plots against him.

Friday, Morales announced that opposition elements seek to remove him from power, with actions like the recent police riot in three of the country’s central cities. Given this situation, the indigenous leader called on the political parties to dialogue in order to “defend democracy” and pacify Bolivia.

Nevertheless, opposition groups don’t stop their coup plans and this same Saturday besieged the building where the Patria Nueva Network and the Bolivia TV channel (BTV) operate, in an attempt to “silence the press” to demand the resignation of the head of State in ignorance of his constitutional mandate, as Morales warns.

For its part, the Bolivian Chancellery has pointed out that the actions of radical opposition groups against the country’s communications media constitute an injury to freedom of the press and to the right to communication and to the basic principles of the rule of law.


Published in Spanish by Desinformemonos

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee


2 Comments on “Chomsky: the United States supports a State coup or the assassination of Evo Morales

  1. Mexico! Mexico had the courage and coordination to grant asylum to Evo and to successfully evacuate him from the US-backed fascist coup in Bolivia. Viva Mexico! A better world is possible!

  2. The imperialist US will not stop until it has extended its empire to every Latin American country, well it certainly does not stop there. Now the people are waking up and fighting back. The sycophants do not understand the power of innocent blood they shed. Before long they lose their power and collapse. Nothing can stop that when the people no longer fear them.

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