CompArte from Mexico: Art from Zapatista Free Territory

CompArte from Mexico: Art from Zapatista Free Territory

Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 7:00pm

At the Eastside Arts Cultural Center | 2277 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA

Exhibition reception: art, music, poetry

FREE EVENT | accessible venue | refreshments

Sponsored by the Eastside Arts Cultural Center with the Chiapas Support Committee

On Tour from Zapatista free territory

No, artist sisters and brothers [hermanas, hermanos, hermanoas]; for us Zapatistas, the arts are the hope of humanity, not a militant cell. We think that indeed, in the most difficult moments, when disillusionment and impotence are at a peak, the Arts are the only thing capable of celebrating humanity.–EZLN

CompArte from México: Art from Zapatista Free Territory consists of over 35 pieces of paintings and wood sculptures that the Zapatistas sent north to go on tour in the U.S. The paintings, ranging from small formats to mural size canvasses, were created by Zapatista artists and culture-makers. They depict the struggle against capitalism, landscapes of the zapatista autonomous communities, the now 526 year history of indigenous people’s resistance, organizing and struggles against European invasion, settler colonialism, nationalist war of expropriation and land enclosures acts leading up to NAFTA and the ongoing struggle for Indigenous autonomy and revitalization of traditions and peoplehood.

Art from Zapatista Free Territory is a must see while it is currently in the Oakland-Berkeley Bay Area. The Zapatista art collection is from the first 2016 CompArte festival of resistance and against the walls of capitalism held in Mexico. The show will be up until May and then it will travel from Oakland to Berkeley for a stay at La Peña Cultural Center.

For more information: contact the Chiapas Support Committee at



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