The offensive of above, versus the movement below

U.S. Military forces in the Guatemalan department of Petén, near the border with Campeche, Mexico.

Those of us who are the National Indigenous Congress (CNI); indigenous peoples, nations, tribes and barrios of this country, make a call to the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples of Mexico, to the honest human rights organizations, to the communications media, to the scientific and intellectual community to repudiate the repressive escalation against compañeros and compañeras of our peoples where they have been naming council members to make up the Indigenous Government Council for Mexico, which to us represents an aggression against the CNI and the proposal that we have launched to the whole nation. Therefore we denounce and point out that:

In Chiapas, the hostility and grave tension increase that the bad governments have generated in the Tila ejido, due to the political bosses tied to paramilitary groups in their attempt to bring the bad government to the community, as is the paramilitary leader of Paz y Justicia, Arturo Sánchez Sánchez, and his son Francisco Arturo Sánchez Martínez, who, firing shots and accompanied by more people belonging to their organization, closed access to the town of Tila. Recently, on June 5 of this year, they blocked the highway that goes from Tila to Salto de Agua in front of the integral hospital of Tila and another part on the highway from Tila to Yajalón, including blocking roads inside of ejido lands with masked and armed individuals. The escalation of the harassment sharpened starting with a mobilization that this group carried out last June 2 in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, headed by followers and paramilitaries of Paz y Justicia.

We place responsibility on the three levels of bad government for what can occur and we call for solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Tila ejido.

In the same state, the rich once again seek to snatch away the land recuperated in a dignified way by our brothers of the San Francisco community, municipality of Teopisca, members of the Semilla Digna (Dignified Seed) work group. The harassment is carried out b y three rich men: Juan Hernández Molina, Pedro López Girón and Pedro Hernández Espinoza. Last June 4 of this year, Mr. Pedro López Girón presented himself, accompanied by a group of approximately 50 people that violently destroyed the crossbar, barbed wire and the fence near the pasture that marks off the lands recuperated on September 19, 2016. That day, they threatened the compañeras with violating (raping) them sexually and threatened them with evicting them overnight accompanied by public forces. We condemn these cowardly attacks, and we demand complete respect for the territory recuperated by our brothers in San Francisco. We also demand the definitive cancellation of the seven existing arrest warrants against our compañeros.

Also in Chiapas, last May 28 the house of Compañera Alejandra Padilla, of the Semilla Digna work group, was broken into. They stole a laptop computer from the house, in which she was saving information about the accompaniment she has given the CNI’s indigenous communities in their struggles, as well as a part that belongs to the CIDECI- UNITIERRA work team.

On May 22 of this year at 5:20 am, a paramilitary group that identifies itself as Nuevo Guadalupe Victoria attacked a group of compañeros and compañeras of Cruztón community, participants in the CNI, with high-caliber weapons. At 7:00 am, our compañero Rodrigo Guadalupe Huet Gómez, left the place where he was protecting himself from the attack to verify if the aggressors had withdrawn, when a bullet struck him in the temple. The aggressors were identified as coming from the Guadalupe Victoria ejido.

In Querétaro we demand the immediate freedom of the Otomí compañeros Jerónimo Sánchez and Anselmo Robles, delegates of the National Indigenous Congress, who the bad government kidnapped together with Pablo González and Luis Alberto Reyes, through arrest warrants that the 9th Criminal Court of the 1st level issued against them, for the alleged crime of being the intellectual authors of aggravated rioting, which is not considered grave and, therefore, they could achieve their freedom under bond, a right that has been denied them. We are clear that said charges are to detain the struggle, the honesty and coherence that our compañeros have demonstrated.

In Morelos, we salute the dignified struggle of the Nahua people of Tepoztlán, against the expansion of the La Pera – Cuautla superhighway, and we repudiate any attempt at repression through the use of police or shock groups like the group that entered on June 7 of this year, commanded by former municipal president Gabino Ríos, to dismantle the occupation with the intention of generating violence in order to attack our compañeros, on the superhighway as well as at the municipal palace. Compañer@s, you are not alone!

In the State of Mexico, Ñuhú community of Santa Cruz Ayotuxco, municipality of Huixquilucan, they confront the destruction of their territory in the midst of the lack of any legal guaranty while the machines of the bad government and the construction companies devastate the Otomí Mexica forest in order to construct the Toluca- Naucalpan superhighway. Despite the fact that they were notified on April 26 of this year of the judicial suspension of said construction work, the authorities of the bad government and the construction companies have not respected that suspension, thereby violating the bad government’s own laws.

In Michoacán, the bad governments keep the following compañeros from the community of Calzontzin, in the municipality of Uruapan kidnapped: Ramón Ortiz Marín, Daniel Pérez Anguiano, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Amezcua, Lorenzo Aguirre Rangel, Jorge Daniel Oros Cuin, José Luis Rangel Rangel, Humberto Romero Martinez, Josué Yair Romero Ortiz, Guillermo Romero Ortiz, José Alejandro Esquivel Alvarez, José Artemio Zinzun Galván, Juan Zavala Guevara, Jose de Jesus Belmontes Arrollo, Roberto Isidro Jiménez, Juan Carlos Rangel Morales, Angrey Raúl García González and Jesus Magdalena Chávez following the bad government’s repression against the community last February 24. We demand the immediate freedom of our compañeros that are unjustly imprisoned.

In Campeche and Guatemala, we denounce the dispossession and destruction of their homes and lands that have forcibly displaced our Kekchi and Chu Maya brothers from the department of Peten, in Guatemala, by soldiers that are protected because of alleged armed conflicts; the capitalist devastation of the natural resources; and the latifundios (very large landholdings) protected by the bad governments of that country. That dispossession has brought hundreds of brothers to Candelaria, Campeche, where they set up an encampment to resist and make visible the capitalist war that they face in their lands a few meters from the Mexican border. 
[1] So, we denounce: the sharpening of the war against our peoples, the storm that flashes in the sky and that now seeks to kill the hopes of all the Mexicans that the Indigenous Government Council and our spokesperson represent; the use of shock groups and paramilitary groups to strike blows against the struggle of the peoples that make up the CNI, the criminalization and persecution of those who struggle for a just world, from below and to the left.

To those who think that our struggle will die because of your repression, we remind you that this path is for life and liberty, and therefore death will not stop it, but rather the opposite, and we continue calling on civil society to be aware, in solidarity and attentive to this struggle, to this offensive, which is for reconstructing democracy, liberty and justice for everyone.

[1] See:


June 2017

For the Integral Vindication of Our Peoples

Never More a Mexico Without Us

 National Indigenous Congress

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