Teachers and police clash in Chiapas

The confrontation between teachers and police in Tuxtla. Photo: Chiapas Paralelo

The confrontation between teachers and police in Tuxtla. Photo: Chiapas Paralelo

By: Isaín Mandujano

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis (apro). – Federal and state police confronted this morning with members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) that tried to block east and west accesses and exits of this capital, with a result of one police agent and several teachers injured.

The police arrived at the point known as La Pochota, at the exit for Oaxaca and Mexico City, and they took up positions. Almost immediately the teachers blocked vehicle movement, while helicopters flew over the zone.

Minutes before, at the eastern exit from this capital, on the stretch known as Parque Chiapasiónate, which connects with the state’s Highlands and Jungle regions, the teachers threw sticks and stones at the police, and they responded with tear gas and threw back the stones.

The incident took place near “Dr. Gilberto Gómez Maza” hospital, where relatives of the patients, who were spending the night outside of the hospital, suffered effects from the gas.

Various vehicles that were parked nearby also got damaged, among them one belonging to the Megacable Company.

The following teachers were injured in the brawl: Blanca Nelly Agustín Argueta, of Huehuetan; Verónica Vilches Espinosa, of Tuxtla Gutierrez, and Juana Maria Solís Gómez, of Chiapa de Corzo. It was also reported that one police agent was injured by a firecracker that exploded in his face.

Parallel to that clash, bureaucrat workers that demonstrated in front of the government palace withdrew from the place before the possible arrival of federal and state police to evict the teachers from Sections 7 and 40 of the National Education Workers Union (SNTE) that have been posted at the place for 11 days to demand the overthrow of the education reform.

————————————————————————–Originally Published in Spanish by Proceso.com



In Chiapa de Corzo parents of school children march to demand that the Federal Police leave!

In Chiapa de Corzo parents of school children march to demand that the Federal Police leave!

By: Isaín Mandujano

TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, Chis. (apro). – Federal Police repressed parents with tear gas. They were going with their children to protest in front of a hotel in Chiapa de Corzo, where the agents were lodged.

Hundreds of parents gathered this afternoon in the central plaza of Chiapa de Corzo and, upon adding up to some two thousand people, they started a walk to the La Ceiba Hotel, some 500 meters away.

Upon reaching the establishment they shouted slogans and, with signs, repudiated the repression against the teachers perpetrated this Wednesday morning in the state capital.

The response with tear gas came from inside the hotel when someone in the crowd threw a rock that broke a window. When the tear gas bomb was launched, the parents ran hugging their children to then disperse among the streets of that colonial city.

 Some parents protested to the police about the use of the tear gas bombs because there were children in the march, students of the teachers that fight against the education reform.

Another march of parents with their children took place in the state capital. From the Diana Cazadora fountain, to the city’s east, a contingent departed, dressed in white and with signs, to arrive at the central plaza.

The demonstrators passed through the teachers’ camps, where the teachers gave them ovations and thanked them for the gesture of support for their struggle.

The parents with their children repudiated the police repression against the teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE).

They also clarified that the teachers are in their fight, it doesn’t matter to them that their children miss classes if it stops the education reform.

During the confrontations that took place in the center of the city, between 11 am and 2 pm, hundreds of families took buckets with water to deliver to the teachers that confronted federal and state police.

Men and women opened their doors and took out bucket of water to leave in the street. The teachers that were opposing the police used the liquid to wash themselves and to lessen the effects of the tear gas.

Many people threw pieces of cloth or T-shirts for the teachers to wet and clean their face. Other people put out empty soft drinks cases or empty beer boxes that were used as projectiles against the police.

In some streets the neighbors and business people of the zone where the confrontations took place went out to ask the police to withdraw from the place, because there were children and elderly people in the streets.

After several hours of battle, the police and the teachers finally went away and returned to their camps.

A burned municipal Transit and Streets patrol car was left in the zone, as well as barricades that the teachers used, where they also burned tires. In fact, the proprietor of a nearby mechanics shop brought out all his old tires to deliver them to the teachers to be burned.

Personnel of a self-service store even started to give the teachers and neighbors bottled water and soft drinks so that the demonstrators could have a drink and clean their face given the heat from the gas that entered several homes.

In a missive, the CNTE condemned this Wednesday’s police repression and thanked the parents that marched and went out in the street to protest against the police and in support of the teachers’ struggle.

For his part, the secretary general of Government, Juan Carlos Gómez Aranda, made a new call for dialogue to the teachers to attend to the themes of the state education agenda and, at the same time, to discuss how to reconcile the right that they have to demonstrate with the rights of the citizenry.

The president of the State Human Rights Commission, Juan Oscar Trinidad Palacios, also called for order and for the peaceful alleviation of differences and, faced with the different events that have been presenting themselves in different parts of the state, principally in the Chiapas capital, the ombudsman announced that he is in favor of the way of dialogue for solution of the problems that are presented in relation to the education reform.


Originally Published in Spanish by Proceso.com

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee






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