Armed commando murders a member of Las Abejas

Las Abejas

Las Abejas

Last week, the Civil Society Las Abejas organization of Acteal (hereafter, Las Abejas) issued two public denunciations. The first described the murder of their compañero Manuel López Pérez, a member of Las Abejas, as well as fear for the lives of his wife and 11-year old son. The second denunciation expressed concern for the life of Antonio López Jiménez and his family, also members of Las Abejas. [1] Both families are residents of Pantelhó municipality, which is adjacent to Ch’enalvo’ (Chenalhó) municipality where Acteal is located. Included below each denunciation was a description of the problems both men have had with the Pantelhó municipal authorities.

Several facts stand out: the families of both men were displaced from their native San Joaquin community in Pantelhó; the current municipal president and municipal judge are also from San Joaquin community; and some of the paramilitaries that participated in the Acteal Massacre and were released by Supreme Court decisions live in Pantelhó, described as a violent municipality.The denunciations are below.

June 25, 2015

Chiapas: Armed commando murders Manuel López Pérez, a member of the Las Abejas de Acteal organization

On June 23, 2015, they murdered Manuel López Pérez, a member of the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal. The organization reports that Manuel went to the municipal capital of Pantelhó and on the way back, in the company of his son Juan López Guzmán, 11, at the Sibaluk’um Bridge, almost one kilometer from the municipal capital of Pantelhó, 7 masked individuals dressed in military type clothing and with firearms, ambushed the public transport vehicle in which he was traveling, killing him with three shots, two in the head and one through the back.

The information that the organization of Los Altos of Chiapas has collected, is that the Pantelhó judge, Pedro Girón López, who displaced and threatened Manuel on previous dates and the comandante of the la municipal police, ordered his 11-year old son to state that his father was traveling in another car ahead of the one in which he was going, and that if he told the truth, it wasn’t just the killers that were going to prison, but also him. “This act evidences the complicity of the official authorities facing this assassination,” the Acteal Organization assures.

The Las Abejas authorities communicate that for security reasons they will not be able to go to Manuel’s burial in San Joaquin community, which will take place today June 25. “Various paramilitaries that participated in acts prior to the Acteal Massacre live in that zone, as well as some of the material authors of said massacre,” the Board of Directors shares and adds: “tomorrow we will publish another denunciation, about how the life of another family of the same community as Manuel is also at risk.”

The indigenous Tsotsiles assert that: “17 years from the Acteal Massacre and the impunity that the Mexican State has perpetuated, the bad government of the president of Pantelhó, of Manuel Velasco and of Peña Nieto, kills us again, attempting to destroy us. The bad government knows that, happen what may, we will not stop struggling against the neoliberal capitalist system…”

Civil Society Organization Las Abejas

Sacred Land of the los Martyrs of Acteal

Acteal, Ch’enalvo’, Chiapas, Mexico

June 26, 2015

We denounce more death threats against members of the Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal in Pantelhó

Today we announce other death threats, vigilance, harassment, against Antonio López Jiménez and his family (hereafter Antonio and his family), members of the Civil Society Las Abejas, natives of the San Joaquin community, municipio of Pantelhó, Chiapas. They currently live in the municipal capital of Pantelhó and have lived there since 2007 when authorities of PRD affiliation, now Green Ecologist (PVEM) displaced them from San Joaquin. Their crime was and is not accepting projects from the bad government and being in resistance and constructing autonomy.

Antonio and his family just like our compañero Manuel, assassinated on June 23, entered our organization together. They are son members of the Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal organization. After the crime against our compañero, we fear for the lives of Antonio and his family, since the Pantelhó municipal authorities as well as the [municipal] president and the Judge instead of respecting, guarantying and protecting the physical and psychological integrity of our compañeros and compañeras, are accomplices in a series of threats against Antonio and his family, besides the fact that the mentioned judge threatened Manuel with death and according to testimonies, told his son that he should prepare his weapon for killing him.

We are worried about the physical and psychological integrity, as well as the life of Antonio and his family. Since Pantelhó is known as a very violent municipio where the authorities permit murders and let them go unpunished, if they did not respect the life of our compañero Manuel, despite the fact that he was a member of our organization, with greater reason we fear that Antonio and his family can be attacked the same way, we place responsibility on state and federal authorities, as well as on the municipal authorities of Pantelhó.

We want to place in evidence before national and international civil society, that the authorities mentioned know what’s happening against the two families. Whatever thing happens to our compañero Antonio and his family, those responsible will be the authorities of Pantelhó: Miguel Entzín Cruz, municipal president, Pedro Girón López, Municipal Judge, [Governor] Manuel Velasco Coello and [President] Enríque Peña Nieto. The latter two have the obligation to respect, protect and guaranty life and human rights. And afterwards they are not going to say that they don’t know what happened, because that is the custom of the bad governments.

[1] Las Abejas is an adherent to the EZLN’s Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle

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