New paramilitary attack in San Manuel, La Garrucha

New paramilitary Attack in the Caracol of Resistance Toward a New Dawn, La Garrucha

Homage to Compañero Galeano the teacher and to Compañero Luis Villoro. Milicianos (Army reserves) in forefront of the photo.

Homage to Compañero Galeano the teacher and to Compañero Luis Villoro. Milicianos (Army reserves) in the forefront.



June 25, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:

As we know, the bad governments are combining frauds with violence. Whether it’s one party or another isn’t important, the Ruler always seeks to keep himself above at the expense of those below. To him the denunciations aren’t worth anything, he becomes deaf, because he pays the media that sell out well so that they best talk nice about him.

Before it was Juan Sabines Guerrero, he that said he was of a very left party and even came to receive awards from progressive partisans, and the legitimate came to shout with a lot of pleasure: “Viva Juan Sabines!” That Juan Sabines Guerrero arranged everything so that it would remain a government of the “blonde category,” Manuel Velasco Coello, as both are from the same families that distributed, together with others, the [government] positions in Chiapas. Juan Sabines Guerrero stole, committed frauds and distributed violence.

Now Velasco does the same thing. Just a few days ago he made a big fraud for voting, violating the very same laws of those above, now he is preparing that the coming local elections will be with the blood of those below.

The governments of above are not content with just lying, they also want to repress, incarcerate and assassinate.

Now they are repressing the democratic teachers that are just saying that the mentioned education reform is a lie. That’s because it is the boss’ reform against the workers. It is not to improve education; it’s to make it worse. And those who make it don’t even know how the schools are, nor do they know how to teach. What the government doesn’t like is that the truth is told, because it lies. But as nothing from the government is believed, well then it represses.

Like they will be without shame that the one in charge of Education for the government is an alcoholic assassin that says one thing one day and another thing says the opposite. How is someone going to make an education reform that doesn’t even know how to talk? Emilio Chuayffet is called and is one of the assassins of Acteal; it is he that was throwing down his drinks to, already drunk, say foolishness. And he is the same now as he was before before.

Not only in Chiapas, but also in Oaxaca, Guerrero and in other states, the bad governments want put a lid on the truth with blows, gasses, shots and threats.

It is now seen clearly that if their “democratic” elections don’t have murders, beatings and incarcerations, well they don’t like it. And all the partisans fighting for their little bone, and they are not in agreement about who was killed, his name is Antonio Vivar Díaz and he was a teacher, nor about those beaten, or those incarcerated.

Antonio Vivar Díaz

Antonio Vivar Díaz

The governments of above are sustained with deceit and repression.

But the blood of the teachers isn’t enough for Manuel Velasco in Chiapas. He also wants to drink indigenous blood of the communities.

Despite the fact that human rights organizations have already denounced it, Velasco continues to incite his paramilitaries so that they attack the Zapatistas support bases.

That’s what occurs in the municipio of Ocosingo, Chiapas, where three governments place themselves in agreement to provoke: Enrique Peña Nieto, Manuel Velasco and Octavio Albores. These governments are behind the paramilitaries from Pojkol.

It’s the same community where they already disavowed those paramilitaries, but they continue attacking. The same indigenous party members say that they don’t those paramilitaries, who receive their orders from the municipal president of Ocosingo and the state government in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. They receive their weapons, equipment, vehicles and the orders to attack support bases from there.

This just happened a few hours ago:

Caracol of Resistance Towards a New Dawn,

Path of the Future Good Government Junta

La Garrucha, Chiapas, México

June 24, 2015

Public Denunciation

To public opinion:

To the alternative, autonomous or whatever o you call them communications media:

To the national and international adherents to the Sixth:

To the honest human rights organisms:

Sisters and Brothers of the people of Mexico and the world:

We denounce once again what the paramilitary groups from the ejido Pojkol, Chiquinibal Barrio, Municipio de Chilón and the 21 persons from the same paramilitary group in Rosario, in the official municipio of Ocosingo, Chiapas are doing to us.


Today, June 24, 2015 in the village of Rosario, San Manuel Autonomous Municipio [County], [1] where our EZLN support base compañeros live, 28 paramilitaries arrived from the Chiquinibal Barrio of the ejido Pojkol at 8:05 am this Wednesday. They were riding on 8 motorcycles and in a Nissan without license plates. Of the 28 paramilitaries, 8 of them were 22-caliber carrying firearms.

It’s the 21 paramilitaries that also live there in Rosario and the group of 28 paramilitaries from the ejido Pojkol in the Chiquinibal Barrio that are invading our recuperated land support them.

At 10:05 am a white RAM pickup without license plates arrives with two people aboard: an engineer and the rancher named Guadalupe Flores who lives in the city of Ocosingo Chiapas. He was owner of the land before 1994. The rancher and the engineer met with the 28 paramilitaries from Pojkol and the 21 paramilitaries [living in] Rosario. After that meeting they started to measure the land for constructing a temple and also measured sites for constructing houses, after that the rancher delivered some documents into the hands of the paramilitary group, supposedly the map of the recuperated part of the land.

At 1:26 pm they fired 10 shots behind the house of a support base [base de apoyo] compañero, intimidating the population.

At 1:27 pm, 8 paramilitaries from Pojkol entered into the house of a support base compañero but they didn’t find anyone there because the owner of the house had already withdrawn from his house to avoid clashes. 23 minutes later they arrived again at the house of another compañero. At 1:50 pm, they destroyed the house of a support base compañero, stealing all the belongings as well as the roof of the house that has 12 sheets of 3.5 metal, 2 hens, 4 pickaxe, 20 eggs, 2 hatchets, 2 solar cells, $2,000 pesos in cash, 2 hoes, a tape recorder, a 100-meter roll of water hose and 150 kilos of beans. They put all the support base compañero’s belongings into the alleged engineer’s pickup and that truck left in the direction of Pojkol, carrying all those stolen belongings to where the 28 people from Pojkol returned together.

Because of these acts we as authorities of the JBG [2] we see very clearly that those two persons pretending that one is an engineer and the other the ex owner of the ranch, are the advisors of those paramilitary groups.

We are also clear that the bad government is attacking us in many ways and forms. Various actions have happened and they are the same paramilitaries that have killed our breeding bull, where they destroyed houses, destroyed our collective store, stole our belongings, where they fumigated our pasture land with herbicides where San Manuel municipio’s cattle collective is located, where they shot off firearms and left letters on the ground that say: “Pojkol territory” and also spent shells in the month of August 2014.

A San Manuel cattle project.

A San Manuel cattle project.

They are the same paramilitaries that arrived on May 10 of this year 2015 where one of them with the name of Andrés shot at a little support base girl.

It is our third denunciation. There are also the first and the second denunciations, which detailed the facts that happened.

These groups of people, prepared and financed by the bad federal, state and municipal governments have been provoking us various times with their counterinsurgency strategy, the bad governments thinking that we are going to fall into their traps and spot our hands in blood with our indigenous brothers that are sick in the head because they are paid and have the dirty conscience that the capitalist system dirtied.

We say clearly that we will not remain with crossed arms when our support bases are attacked by any kind or means that the bad government uses against us. We have said clearly that we will defend our lands because we were born on it, we live on it and we will die on it, cost what it may.

Sisters and brothers, we will continue denouncing what happens. We hope that you are pending and to so much of what can happen with our compañero and compañera support bases [bases de apoyo].

We place responsibility directly on the federal, state and municipal governments for anything that can happen. They are also directly responsible because it’s not the first time that we have denounced what this group of people are doing.


Authorities of the Good Government Junta in rotation

Jacinto Gómez Pérez     Colosio Pérez Lorenzo

Nely Núñez Sánchez       Alex López Álvarez


Well that’s how it is, compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth:

According to what we see, we’re not dealing with the fact that the bad government isn’t paying attention because it is busy with its lies and announcements, but that the very same government is giving those orders. If not, how do they explain that they already have the names of the criminals and they walk around with weapons in front of the authority and nobody even bothers them? It’s because they [the paramilitaries] are their employees. And the paramilitaries tell it clearly just that way: that nobody can do anything because the Velasco government protects them and pays them.

Well that’s what we have to report now, compañer@s. Everything is the same: lies, blows, scorn and exploitation come from above.

Organization must come from below, for life, not for a bloodbath. That is what the overseers, majordomos and bosses of the system in which we live want, their masters, neoliberal capitalism, have ordered them to do that.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

Mexico, June 2015

1. San Manuel Autonomous Municipio is the Zapatista munici

pio with which the Chiapas Support Committee had a partnership for a long time.

2. JBG – The initials in Spanish for Junta de Buen Gobierno (Good Government Junta).


Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Zapatista

Translation: Chiapas Support Committee

June 26, 2015






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