La Garrucha denounces paramilitary acts in San Manuel


Path of the Future Good Government Junta,* La Garrucha, Chiapas, Mexico

Mural on front of former offices of Good Government Junta in La Garrucha

Mural on front of former offices of Good Government Junta in La Garrucha carries the name of the Caracol in both Spanish and Tseltal.

May 11, 2015


To public opinion:

To the communications media, alternative, autonomous or whatever you call them:

To the national and international adherents of the Sixth:

To the honest human rights organisms:

Sisters and brothers of the people of Mexico and of the world:

We energetically denounce what the paramilitary groups of Rosario are doing to us. There are 21 paramilitaries in Rosario and 28 paramilitaries from the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido in the municipio of Chilón, Chiapas.

Our compañero support bases live there in Rosario, because it is recuperated land, belonging to San Manuel autonomous municipio of Caracol III La Garrucha.

There are 21 paramilitaries living in Rosario and they are supported by the 28 paramilitaries from barrio Chikinival that are invading our recuperated land.

It has been the same problem since August 2014, when they killed a stud bull of ours, when they destroyed homes and destroyed our collective cooperative, stole our belongings, when they fumigated a hectare of pasture land with herbicide, when they were shooting and leaving letters in the ground with spent shells that said: “Pojkol territory.” [1]


On May 10, 2015, at 9:35 in the morning, 28 arrived people that belong to the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido in the official municipio of Chilón, some 40 minutes away by car from the town of Rosario. They arrived aboard eight motorcycles, in the recuperated town of ROSARIO where the compañero support bases live, because they want to take our land away by force.

These paramilitaries of Rosario, accompanied by the paramilitaries from the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido, started to measure the sites where the compañero support bases are already living, during the day they were working there.

At 15:15 pm, a group of them withdrew from working, another group stayed in the same place, but 5 minutes later three of them headed to the home of a support base compañero, and the majority of them stayed on the highway 30 meters from the compañero’s house.  They only found the 13-year old daughter of the support base compañero at home sweeping her room, not the father. The mother was outside on one side of the house.

Two of these paramilitary aggressors belong to the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido and one belongs to Rosario. His name is ANDRES LOPEZ VAZQUEZ.  The 2 from Chikinival entered inside of the house, while Andrés, the Rosario paramilitary, stood guard at the door of the house. Upon seeing that the compa’s young daughter went out running for the door, ANDRES shot at her 4 times with a 22-caliber pistol. Her father arrived at the moment of the shots and the compañero defended his daughter, throwing a stone at the attacker that hit him in the head. None of the bullets hit the young woman. His compañeros that were at 30 meters carried the injured man away.

Yesterday afternoon, May 11, the injured man returned the family members of the aggressor went to the compañero’s house, in other words, the wife and 3 sons to say that they have to pay him 7,000 pesos for his care.

It’s clear that the compañero will not pay, because he is not the one who sought and provoked what happened.

On May 10 at 6:50 pm, 16 people arrived in village of Nuevo Paraíso in Francisco Villa the autonomous municipio. Three of them were armed with two 22-caliber pistols in hand and one 22-caliber long arm. They were aboard 8 motorcycles. These people belong to the Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido. They came to throw a letter in the street, wherein they blame the support base compañeros for provoking these problems first.

But in reality we are not the ones provoking any problem, because we have been seeking peaceful alternatives for trying to resolve this matter, but they have never understood us. We have even delivered one hectare to each one of the 21 persons that are provoking, even so they have been threatening us. From February until today, May 11, those from Chikinival in the Pojkol ejido are threatening us daily because they ask those of Rosario to patrol armed. Those from Pojkol are always armed every day.

Therefore, we contradict what they are doing and blaming. It’s clear who provokes first.

We have cited (sent a notice to appear) the Pojkol ejido’s authorities and they came and said that they cannot do anything, because that group is not recognized now in the ejido, because they are totally some hoodlums, they do not respect or obey in the ejido. He also advised that the State of Manuel Velasco Coello also does nothing because it is his paramilitary.

Compañeros and compañeras, brothers and sisters of the world, these are the strategies with which the three levels of bad federal, state and municipal government are provoking us, when they use people that don’t understand our just cause so that that way we fall into their traps; but we are clear about what this bad government is doing: organizing, preparing and financing organizations and people that let themselves be bought off or that sell out.

We say to those without brains up there above: we are never going to stop resisting, not are we going to fall into their traps; we will continue resisting here, working our lands and constructing our autonomy.

Whatever may come to pass, we place responsibility directly on the federal, state and municipal governments and on the paramilitaries from Chikinival barrio of the Pojkol ejido and from Rosario.

Sisters and brothers, we will continue reporting what may happen with our peoples and we want you to remain attentive to what may happen.


Good Government Junta

 Jacobo Silvano Hernández                                            Lucio Ruiz Pérez


* We have translated the name of the Good Government Junta as “Path of the Future” because in that region of the Jungle the word camino is used to refer to one’s current path in life.

[1] For background  on what happened last August 2014, see:


Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Zapatista

Translation: Chiapas Support Committee

Monday, May 11, 2015




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