Festival of Resistances begins in Xochicuautla


“The Mexican State at its three levels, has responsibility for what is occurring in the country, because of how it acts and doesn’t act, as well as for being a guarantor of impunity, due to a politics of double discourse,” CNI.

Photo of Inauguration of the 1st Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism

Photo from Inauguration of the 1st Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism


Xochicuautla, State of Mexico, December 21, 2014

“Our mission is to care for our land. We know that it’s important to preserve it, a value more precious does not exist than life itself,” the Supreme Indigenous Council of Xochicuautla expresses, at the inauguration of the 1st Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism, in the municipio (county) of Lerma, State of Mexico, convoked by the Zapatista National Liberation Army and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI).

The community of Xochicuautla asserts that the authorities are sick with evils like ignorance, apathy, fear and greed, since they see money as a God. “They have the material but are poor in spirit and their children inherit that sickness. They kill, disappear and incarcerate those who oppose their interests,” they add.

Resoundingly, the indigenous Otomí community expresses a No to the passage of the Toluca-Naucalpan Super-highway, no to the La Parota Dam, no to the aqueduct in Sonora, no to the mining companies, no to the violation of rights, no to corruption, and a YES to respect, love, honesty, humility and life itself.

In his participation the spokesperson for the National Indigenous Congress and for the Indigenous Peoples Front in Defense of Mother Earth, asserts that the Mexican State at its three levels, “has responsibility for what is happening in the country, because of how it acts and doesn’t act, as well as because of being the guarantor of impunity, due to a politics of double discourse.”

Peoples and communities represented in the CNI say that they meet again one more time to share their word, and that they will carry it and plant it in the places from which they come. “Some want us to remain blind, that we are resigned to the violence and death provoked by their injustices, that we are a people resigned to the impunity, to the corruption, but the women, grandparents, men and children are going to demand justice,” the native peoples assure.

Members of the neighboring community of Huitizizilapan, also in the municipio of Lerma, State of Mexico, assure that despite repression from the three levels of government, “we are going to continue defending dignity, we are not going to give up and we are not going to take one step back.” In the same way, inhabitants of Santiago Tlanixco, in the municipio of Tenango del Valle, where six compañeros have been incarcerated for defending the water, assert that they have decided to rise up a movement together with the rest of the towns.

Mario Cesar González Contreras, the father of César Manuel González, one of the disappeared Ayotzinapa teachers college students, asserts that they are not commanded by other people, and expresses: “Why not fight for our children that were born from that same land, who will give classes to the humble people of this land? If you fight for your lands we [fight] more for our children.” Berta Nava Martínez, the mother of Julio Cesar Nava, concludes: “Thank you for waiting for us. Cesar had a great desire to be a good teacher, to go to the indigenous communities, and also to open the eyes of the parents so that they would know their rights, since the government always wants our eyes to be covered.”

“The 43 students must come to be in those 43 chairs,” the parents express about the 43 seats that remain empty in front of the stage at the festival’s inauguration del festival. “Thank you for having turned around for Ayotzinapa, for the students, for us,” they add.

At the start of the festival, indigenous from the San Sebastián Bachajón ejido of Chiapas, greeted the brother peoples and announced: “Our communities in assembly, we decided to recuperate today the lands that that the bad government has dispossessed since February 2, 2011, with the complicity of the ejido commissioner at that time Francisco Guzmán Jiménez, alias el Goyito and now by its faithful disciple Alejandro Moreno Gómez, and its vigilance council member Samuel Díaz, who serves the interests of the bad government and not those of his people.”


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Originally Published in Spanish by the Pozol Colectivo

Translation: Chiapas Support Committee

December 21, 2014

En español: http://www.pozol.org/?cat=338


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