Moisés: Little Zapatista Schools in the Communities Are Full

Space in the Communities for the Little Zapatista School is Full



 June 2013.

To: adherents to the Sixth in Mexico and the World:

To: those invited to the little Zapatista School:

From: Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.

Compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth and students of the little school:

Receive Zapatista greetings, everyone.  We want to let you know how we’re doing with preparations for our little school.

Good, well there’s good news and bad news:

First the bad news:

There is no longer space for attending classes in a community on the August 12 to 16 2013 dates.  And space for the course in CIDECI, en San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, is also about to fill up.

There are many compañer@s want to attend the little schools in our Zapatista communities.  Many more than what we expected. More than what the people believed that changed their allegiance saying that the Zapatistas were no longer fashionable, that their initiatives were no longer ‘attractive,’ and the foolishness that those that have nothing to do repeat.

Then, what we want to report to you is that all the spaces for those who attend in a community in August are already full, all the little classrooms are full; in other words, there is no more space, there is no more room for students.  Because not only are we dealing with receiving them, we also have to see that they are housed and fed well, according to our humble abilities, of course.

First we had prepared to receive 500 students in the Zapatista community. It filled up quickly.  Later we expanded to 1,000 students, and that didn’t last.  Now we made space for 1500 students and now that’s also full.  And we are no longer able to fit more this time around because we think about taking good care of them and keeping them happy.

But don’t be sad, or get discouraged; to the contrary, because we are looking for another date, for another month, for those that will not be able to enter into the little school in a community this time. We’ll advise you of the date later.  What’s most certain is that it will be for next December-January.

And now the good news:

Our Zapatista compañer@s, the ones that will be the teachers, are now finishing their preparations for being teachers.

Yes, they are finishing their preparation because all of the Zapatista peoples will participate in the school. You will have three teams of teachers: the compañeras and compañeros from the communities who will receive, house, and feed you; the compañeras and compañeros who will accompany you at all times and who will take care of you, that is, the guardians, or your “VOTAN”; and also your teachers in the little school.

But SupMarcos, in a separate communiqué, will explain further the three teams of teachers and how things will be in the schools. His computer is almost fixed.

In addition there will be teachers for the videoconference, and for the DVD version they have almost finished recording the class lectures.

The textbooks are also ready. We only need to add the DVDs, filmed by our own compañeras and compañeros in the Zapatista media, which show what we have done in every Zapatista corner here in Chiapas.

Don’t forget that afterwards there will be videoconferences or you can request these materials.

And we are also thinking of sending, later, a team of teachers to other places where there are people who would like to understand our struggle for freedom. Of course, only if they are invited.

In another communiqué, SupMarcos will give you some more information about how everything is going with the students. For now, I will just let you know that the vast majority are young people.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a general invitation to everyone who would like to come for the party to celebrate 10 years of the Good Government Juntas.

I also remind you of the “Seminar Tata Juan Chávez Alonso,” which is open to everyone that wants to attend, and that will be celebrated in the CIDECI of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, starting August 17, which is also when all the students are leaving the communities, so that those that are in the community will also be able to attend and to listen to the word of other original peoples of Mexico that struggle for indigenous rights and culture.  Precisely in the month of July, we will have a meeting of the Organizing Commission, in other words of those who call everyone to the homage for our beloved compañero Don Juan Chávez Alonso.

It is all for now.  We await you here.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés,

Mexico, June 2013


En español:

Click on the link above to listen and watch the videos below that accompany this text:

The song “The Anarchist” by Paradoxus Luporum. Dedicated to the anarchist compas, the new major enemy of the institutional “left.”

Mario Benedetti, in his own voice, “What can the young people do?” also for the anarchists.

So that you can start practicing your steps for the party on the 10 year anniversary of the caracoles and the Good Government Councils: Zapatista Band in Oventik.




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