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Zapatismo impacts processes of autonomy in Latin America

An interview with Raúl Zibechi 29 years after the EZLN Uprising, the journalist and popular educator Raúl Zibechi evaluates the validity of the Zapatismo of Chiapas in the social and indigenous movements of Latin America and the processes that they…

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Zapatismo today and the anti-capitalist struggle

By: Magdalena Gómez The voyage across the sea of the Zapatista delegation Squadron 421 undertaken this past May 2nd from Isla Mujeres on the ship re-christened for its international tour as La Montaña, destination Port of Vigo in Galicia, Spain,…

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Zibechi: Systemic chaos and transitions

SYSTEMIC CHAOS AND TRANSITIONS UNDERWAY By: Raúl Zibechi Geopolitics helps us comprehend the world in which we live, particularly in turbulent periods like the current one, whose principal characteristic is global instability and a succession of permanent changes and fluctuations….

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