Chiapas Support Committee


Chiapas: Modevite will consult their communities about EZLN proposal

THEY DEMAND RESPECT FOR SELF-DETERMINATION OVER THEIR TERRITORY and AGREE TO CONSTRUCT COMMUNITY GOVERNMENTS By: Angeles Mariscal  In this state of the Mexican Southeast, the mining industry has been granted concessions to almost 20 percent of the territory, and there…

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In Chiapas, thousands march in support of the CNTE

THOUSANDS of INDIGENOUS CATHOLICS MARCH IN SUPPORT of the CNTE IN CHIAPAS  By: Isaín Mandujano TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chiapas Thousands of Indigenous faithful from almost 50 parishes of the San Cristóbal de las Casas Diocese marched today (Monday) in the Chiapas…

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In Chiapas they protest the repression in Nochixtlán

WITH ROADBLOCKS, MARCHES, PROCESSIONS, PRAYERS AND TWO FEDERAL POLICE DETAINED, THEY PROTEST THE REPRESSION IN NOCHIXTLÁN Excerpt from an article in Chiapas Paralelo by Isaín Mandujano June 21, 2016 With roadblocks, public pronouncements, processions and religious prayers, as well as…

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Chiapas People of Faith march in support of the teachers

IF THE REPRESSION CONTINUES, “ALL THE PEOPLE OF GOD WILL RISE UP,” THE BELIEVING PEOPLE WARN  By Isaín Mandujano This Wednesday (June 8), thousands of indigenous Tsotils from different communities in the municipios of Simojovel, El Bosque, Huitiupán, Amatán and…

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