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EZLN-CNI Joint comunicado on Álvaro Obregón community

EZLN-CNI JOINT COMUNICADO ABOUT THE ATTACK ON THE COMMUNITY OF ÁLVARO OBREGÓN, OAXACA To the media To the solidarity organizations To the Human Rights organizations To the dignified Binizza community of Álvaro Obregón, Juchitán, Oaxaca Sisters and Brothers Our peoples,…

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Impunity and provocation of the EZLN

IMPUNITY AND PROVOCATION OF THE EZLN: A GLOBAL OFFENSIVE? By: Magdalena Gómez Once again it is demonstrated that we live in times of impunity without concessions. The Zapatista commanders justifiably and indignantly acknowledged that they don’t have any reason to…

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Esteva: The Storm in Oaxaca

  By: Gustavo Esteva Wounded, offended and humiliated, Oaxaca prepares the response. Millions of Oaxacans, those who live in Oaxaca or those that have felt in their own flesh the offense to their native soil although they are very far…

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