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EZLN: Whatever color you vote for, it’s going to get worse

EZLN: “WHATEVER COLOR YOU VOTE FOR, IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE” By: Isaín Mandujano SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, Chiapas (apro) – The Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) assured that it will not promote abstaining, but neither will it call…

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Zapatista News Summary – August 2012

AUGUST 2012 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY  In Chiapas 1. Collection of Signatures for Zapatistas in San Marcos Avilés and Francisco Sántiz López! Please Sign On!  – Threats  of violence and eviction continue against Zapatista support bases in San Marcos Avilés. They…

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Zapatista News Summary – July 2012

JULY 2012 ZAPATISTA NEWS SUMMARY  [Many Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Our July 12 Community Forum on Mexico and Made It A Big Success!] In Chiapas 1. Alberto Patishtan Returns to San Cristóbal Prison – A federal appeals court upheld the…

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