The Chiapas Support Committee…

  • supports and accompanies the construction of autonomy in Zapatista Territory, which currently involves supporting the autonomous education system: construction of schools, providing supplies for teachers and students, support for continuing education of teachers and the construction of secondary (middle) schools;
  • provides education and information to the public about the Zapatistas, Chiapas, and Mexico through public events, the Chiapas Update newsletter, our email lists, Facebook page and our blog. We also offer free classes and discussion called “Waffles & Zapatismo” about Zapatista history, thought and current projects;
  • supports Zapatista production by purchasing from Zapatista cooperatives in Chiapas at the price the coop members set, selling those products here in the SF Bay Area and returning any profits to the Zapatista communities;
  • assists and accredits applicants to study at the Oventik Language School, a language school for activists to study either Spanish or a Mayan language (Tsotsil);
  • is a member collective of the Omni Commons;
  • and is a member of the Sexta Grietas Network.
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