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Child of Hunger Strikers Dies

A Child Dies In Chiapas While His Parents Fast For Freedom; Hunger Strike Reaches Critical Point On September 29, 11 indigenous prisoners in 3 Chiapas state prisons started a hunger strike and fast, demanding their freedom. Two more joined the…

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Solidarity With Chiapas Prisoners

To All Friends of Political Prisoners Everywhere: Eleven (11) political prisoners in Chiapas, Mexico, started a hunger strike and/or fast on September 29. 2 have already been released and 2 more have joined the protest. Their relatives started the occupation…

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Worldwide Declaration in Support of Zapatistas in San Marcos Avilés

Dear Friends, The Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba)and the Movement for Justice for the Barrio in New York are once again requesting signatures to a Worldwide Statement in in Support of the Zapatista Support Bases in…

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Paramilitaries Surround Zapatista Village and Threaten to Kill Everyone

para leer en español: Paramilitaries Surround Zapatista Village and Threaten to Kill Everyone, the Junta denounces ** We will defend our land against whatever takes place, the autonomous authorities of San Patricio warn By: Hermann Bellinghausen, Envoy San Cristóbal de…

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PERHAPS… (Third Letter from SCI Marcos to Don Luis Villoro in the Exchange on Ethics and Politics)

MEXICO. [Para leer “Tal vez” en español haga clic aquí.] July-August 2011. To: Don Luis Villoro. From: Sup Marcos  Don Luis: Receive greetings from all of us and a big hug from me. We hope you…

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Junta Demands That Invaders Leave Monte Redondo Lands, In Chiapas

Junta Demands That Invaders Leave Monte Redondo Lands, In Chiapas  Para leer en español: ** It asserts that state authorities and ejido owners provoke EZLN support bases ** It places responsibility on members of the PAN, PRI, PRD and…

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