On his 101st Birthday, they recognize the contributions of Pablo González Casanova

Pablo González Casanova with Subcomandante Galeano. Photo: Daliri Oropeza.

Today, Saturday, February 11, is don Pablo’s birthday.

From the Editors

Pablo González Casanova’s friends and compañeros of struggle expressed a heartfelt recognition to him as a master forger of critical, rebellious and constructive consciences, and as a precursor of the democratizing process in Mexico.

In a letter entitled “To Don Pablo, always in struggle,” members of the Peace with Democracy Group extended a warm congratulations for his 101st birthday, which is celebrated this Saturday, while thanking him for being a guide and inspiration of several generations, not only as an example of coherence in thinking, acting and living, but to accompany the best causes and liberating processes.

“Your conceptual and ethical reflections, your methodical rigor and your theoretical and political work, always committed to the times and challenges that you have had to live, shine and bear fruit. In the integrity you achieve between revolutionary change, peacebuilding and democracy, and a profound humanism, you have been a master forger of critical, rebellious, constructive consciences. “

In the message, signed by 21 people, colleagues in some or several stages of their professional and personal career, they ponder González Casanova as “a guiding beacon before the landing of transnational, violent and predatory corporate capitalism that reaches the present.”

Former rector Pablo González Casanova has accompanied the best causes and liberatory processes, indicates the Peace with Democracy Group. Photo taken from UNAM archives.

Don Pablo, they add, is a bridge of dialogue with political, popular and academic sectors, not only with this country, but with different latitudes, due to his valuable contribution from sociology, in particular to confront exploitation, the structures of internal and external colonialism, and all forms of political domination.

Given the impossibility of naming in a brief text all the contributions of the teacher, they extend a heartfelt gratitude for one in particular: the Peace with Democracy Group, which he promoted together with Don Samuel Ruiz and Luis Villoro.

“The Group stood out thanks to your efforts, for example when the Appeal to the Mexican Nation was disseminated 14 years ago. We are also a Group that since its origins has maintained closeness to the armed conflict in Chiapas, and in particular to the EZLN, its causes and projects. Therefore, with joy we have also supported Comandante Contreras.”

They then highlighted the privilege of walking at his side for the Construction of Peace in Chiapas, Mexico and the world.

“We embrace you with our gratitude, recognition and affection as always,” reads the end of the letter signed by Conchita Calvillo de Nava, Ana Esther Ceceña, Magdalena Gómez, Dolores González, Alicia Castellanos, Alicia Ibargüengoitia, Raúl Vera, Gonzalo Ituarte, Gilberto López y Rivas, Luis Hernández Navarro, Carlos Fazio, Héctor de la Cueva, Óscar González, Guillermo Briseño, Jorge Fernández,  Pablo Romo, Adolfo Gilly, Marcos Roitman, Jorge Alonso, Raúl Romero, Miguel Álvarez, “as well as those who came forward from the Peace with Democracy Group. “

You can read the entire letter (in Spanish) here.

Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada, Saturday, February 11, 2023, https://www.jornada.com.mx/2023/02/11/politica/007n1pol and Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee

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