A second armed group emerges in Chiapas, to support El Machete


Photo: People of the Jungle, an armed group in Chiapas, emerges in support of El Machete (Screen Shot)

The new armed group is called Gente de la Selva (People of the Jungle) and emerged in support of the El Machete Self-Defense group against the municipal government of Pantelhó

By: El Debate

Chiapas – “People of the Jungle” is another armed group that emerged in a video published on social networks, where they launched a threat at the three levels of government and showed support for the El Machete Self-Defense group that led an uprising against the municipal government of Pantelhó, Chiapas.

The drug war continues generating violence and fear among Pantelhó residents, since they confrontations have emerged between rival groups that have made them leave their homes and displace to other territories. This tension will be increased given the appearance of the new-armed group “People of the Jungle.”

“We are People of the Jungle, people from the mountains and the bush, and this communiqué is to let the El Machete Self-Defense group know that it is not alone. We, those of the jungle, are here to support you, mentioned a man equipped with a bulletproof vest, a long gun and wearing a cap with the Mexican flag.

The video was broadcast through the social networks where dozens of subjects with faces covered and military clothing can be seen carrying long arms in the middle of a mountain, en which they broadcast a threat to the three levels of government in Mexico.

The spokesperson for the armed group supported the actions of El Machete to confront the mayor of Pantelhó, Raquel Trujillo Morales, who [allegedly] took the oath of office last Friday October 1, and who is the husband of former municipal president Delia Velasco; the couple was accused of financing organized crime.

“We support the machetes of the armed uprising against the narco municipal council that operates in Pantelhó of the current (sic) president and her husband, Raquel Trujillo, who have been financing organized crime, which is led by Dayli Herrera,” said the armed subject.

The drug trafficking group mentioned is that of “Los Herrera.” The leaders of that organization would be Austraberto Herrera Abarca, Daily de los Santos Herrera Gutiérrez, Rubén Estanislao Herrera Gutiérrez, Raquel Trujillo Morales, (elected president) and Delia Janeth Velasco Flores (ex substitute president). They would also be Wendy Lorena López Goches, director of Civil Protection, Arturo Martín Ramos Salazar, José Lázaro Gutiérrez Ballinas and José Francisco Ballinas Rojas.

To end the video, the “People of the Jungle” group reaffirmed its support for El Machete: “Cheer up Machete, we’re here. So, any attack against that Machete Self-Defense group, we’re here to support. Courage, don’t crack, we’re here for you. Iron.”


Originally Published in Spanish by El Debate

Sunday, October 3, 2021


Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee

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