Indigenous peoples reject the Maya Train, the Trans-Isthmus Corridor and exploitation of water

Modevite ceremony and demonstration in Chiapas.

By: Chiapas Paralelo

Different Chiapas indigenous organizations met in the “First Regional Gathering in Defense of Water Agua and Mother Earth” held in Chilón, for the purpose of expressing their indigenous resistance to the colonial invasion, and, at the same time, denouncing the strategy of the capitalist system and its logic for the dispossession of their territories.

With the slogan “Water for life, not for the transnational,” the organizations denounced that since 527 years ago they have struggled against dispossession, plunder and extermination. Now, they also struggle against the megaprojects that place in danger the conditions of existence of different life forms, as well as proposing and constructing sustainable alternatives for the care of their common house.

Given that, they mentioned that aware of the importance of the defense of land and territory, for the purpose of preserving and rescuing their knowledge, they have found different processes of struggle and resistance to converge in defense of their territory, because of which they shared their experiences in the exercise and recognition of the free determination of the original peoples.

“Others from different latitudes we weave alliances with other brother peoples to prevent the dispossession of our natural commons, since mining, geo-parks, hydroelectric dams, extraction of hydrocarbons and the privatization of water are underway as an indispensable means to carry out these megaprojects,” they explained.

One of the themes was the commercialization of water for the benefit of beer and dairy companies and, in the case of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, the exploitation of the vital liquid for Femsa Coca Cola company, which has generated a grave water and health crisis for the population.

Therefore, the organizations confirmed that authorities of the three levels of government are subject to the interest of the transnationals, while they generate diseases and death with the destruction of territory and community life, as well as the devastation of the planet’s ecosystems, all for their economic and political interest.

“They are the ones responsible for the planet’s climate change that puts humanity and other living beings of our common house at risk,” they said.

Therefore, they withdrew their struggle for defense of territory and self- determination of the peoples in search of community government, such as a human right to consultation with the communities and peoples of the world faced with the megaprojects imposed by the system like: the Maya Train, the San Cristóbal-Palenque superhighway, the Trans-Isthmus Corridor, the Morelos Integral Project, the new airport, the refineries and the Special Economic Zones.

Therefore what they demanded is respect for the conventions established in international agreements. Convention 169 recognizes the right to consultation in Articles (6, 15, 17, 22, 27 y 28) of the ILO and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, enjoying a broad consensus at the international level with approval by 143 countries.

“The struggle of the Native peoples and their example have been fundamental in the construction of peace and the search for community reconciliation in the different regions of the state, the country and the world,” they said.

Also, the different organizations recognized the organization of the municipalities of Chilón and Bachajón, in the management of their self- government and appropriation of the human right to water forming the Movement in Defense of Water of Chilón (MODEA).

At the same time, they sympathized with the Bachajón Mission and the Movement in Defense of Life and Territory (MODEVITE).

Finally, they emphasized the organizational struggles in defense of the Quenvo Cuxtitali Reserve, Colonia 14 de Septiembre, the articulation of the Council of the Northern Zone, the defense of the María Eugenia Mountain Wetlands and La Kists and the struggle of the Zoque people against Santa Fe Mining Company (Carlos Slim), against the geo-parks, hydroelectric dams, as well as denouncing the repressive actions against the compañerxs of the Colonia Maya, San Cristóbal de las Casas.


Originally Published in Spanish by Chiapas Paralelo

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee




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