EZLN: Images of the Rupture of the Siege II (and last) from August 17, 2019

Sup Galeano’s Note: Here should be photos in video from the different CRAREZ that were created with the rupture of the siege from August 17, 2019. It’s probable that this video may be eliminated by Mr. YouTube, who demands that ads are placed to publicize it, due to the fact that it’s set to music with a song by Ana Tijoux (Chilean-French) and Shadia Mansour (Palestinian), entitled “We the South.” It says that you must pay “the author’s royalties” or accept ads. Of course we are not going to place ads, and if we don’t have payment for the water vats in the new Caracol Tulan Kaw, well we have even less to pay royalties to the author. The Sixth Commission does not “monetize” its videos (besides, of course, that the “traffic” on our channel is like that of Holy Week in the DF), so, I don’t think that Mr. YouTube becomes less rich, or that Ana Tijoux and Shadia Mansour lose artistic quality and “followers,” if we accompany their rebelliousness with ours.

Perhaps it would be better that Mr. YouTube, instead of “taking down” the videos that the band plays music and it goes with any theme because, as Zapata didn’t say: “the music belongs to she who sings-dances-hums-hops-mumbles-shouts out-lifts” it (in her own way, lo dice Shadia Mansour says it in the rap that, in Arab, sings in this song: “music is the mother tongue of the world”), best it should work well its damn algorithm (ah! “The crooked lines of YouTube”), because you start looking for, for example, videos of the sherry bottles to greet Armando Vega Gil’s memory, or the ska of Los de Abajo, or of Salón Victoria, or songs of Jijos del Mais, or Van T, or Mexican Sound, or LenguaAlerta, or Lirica, or Ely Guerra, or Keny Arkana, or the Batallones Femeninos, or the maestros Oscar Chávez and Guillermo Velázquez and Los Leones de la Sierra de Xichú, and, suddenly, you are in videos of rodeos, or cock fights, or of Maluma giving classes on respect for women, or on makeup (“now we are going to show how you do makeup to take a selfie ´without makeup´”).

And it’s not that you are fussy, after all, as Inodoro Pereyra said (or was it Mendieta?): “the world is wide and alien”; it’s because, around here, the bandwidth is like Trump’s IQ; that is, a misery.

The above being said, we clarify: if YouTube “tosses” the video (as it already tossed that of the Princesa Mononoke because, it says, the Ghibli studios prefer to put themselves on the side of the system in struggle against nature), because of the music that it carries, well here we put up the same images, but without the music, and there you will put the audio that goes. By the way, here I annex the translation, from Arab to Spanish, of the part that Shadia Mansour raps (based on the contribution of the user qmqz in the official video of that song):

“(Give me the microphone) Music is the mother tongue of the world. She supports our existence. She protects our roots. She unites us from the great Syria, Africa to Latin America. I’m here with Anita Tijoux. I’m here with those that struggle, and not with those who sold you. I’m here with the cultural resistance. From the beginning, and until the victory forever. I am with those who are against, with those who collaborated, with those who are not on our side. A while time ago, I have calculated, that I decided to invest in Banksy after Ban-Ki bankrupted himself (note from Supgaleano: perhaps she refers to Ban-Ki Moon, who, as Secretary General of the UN when she was recording this song, “bankrupted himself” and didn’t condemn the terrorist actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people). As the saying goes: “the situation need to be balanced but in reality the situation must be stopped.” For every free political prisoner, an Israeli colony gets bigger. For every greeting, a thousand houses reverberate. They use the press so that they can benefit themselves. But although my pain is disapproved, reality is imposed.”

And, you know what? Anyway, with or without YouTube, with or without ads, the Palestinian people and the Mapuche people will be free. Ten, a hundred, a thousand times they will win.

And if Mr. YouTube, as part of the “fuck the Zapatistas now” campaign, takes down our complete account, well too bad, we will go back to the old times of the Zapatista Intergalactic Television System, “the only television that is read” (Permit Number 69, pending in the Good Government Juntas –solicited since 1996 but the caracol (snail) goes very slowly–).

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,

Los Tercios Compas,

Sixth Commission of the EZLN.

September 2019

[1] Los Tercios Compas is the name of the EZLN’s media team


Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Zapatista

Sunday, September 1, 2019


Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee

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