The 85th anniversary of the march that created Tila

Tila celebrates anniversary.


*Almost a century after they marched from the municipality to the Chiapas capital, residents remembered the feat of their great-grandparents by bringing forward the creation of the municipality

 Residents of the municipality of Tila celebrated the 85th anniversary of the presidential resolution that created the municipality with a community assembly and a march.

The National Indigenous Congress (Concejo Nacional Indígena, CNI) mentioned that they cannot overlook how the ejido’s documents were legalized, when past generations walked over the mountains of Tila to Tuxtla Gutiérrez to deliver the petition on February 3, 1922 to General José Tiburcio Hernández Ruiz, who was governor of Chiapas at the time.

After that, this request was published in the state government’s Official Daily on April 5 of the same year del and the agricultural census of 836 individuals was taken on March 21, 1929.

At the same time, on May 19, 1932, Manuel Paz was the commissioner in charge of delimiting the 5,405 hectares in the following manner: 2,938 hectares of national lands and 2,466 hectares of the Pennsylvania estate that corresponds to the sum of 5,405 hectares of ejido lands in favor of the ejido Tila. The provisional delivery was published in the state’s Official Daily on June 1, 1932 only once in accordance with Article 160 of the Agrarian law in effect at that time.

Residents remembered that on January 17, 2019 decree No. 132 was made public, which left decree No. 72 non-existent and the Official Daily of 1980 issued by the fifty-fourth legislature of the Congress of the State of Chiapas, which consisted of subdividing into urban lots that led to the dispossession of ejido lands belonging to the complaining ejido; that is, thee Ejido Tila.

In addition, in the assembly they remembered that all the injustices their parents and grandparents endured cannot go unnoticed, such as the dispossession of 130 hectares, individual dispossessions and armed conflicts, house burnings in 1970, 27 arrest warrants in 1981, four search warrants, the murder of a son of ejido owner C. Nicolas Jiménez García and his killer is a native of Tumbalá.

Also, the murders committed by the municipal and state police, the threats from the paramilitary group called “Development peace and justice in 1999 that arrived in vans and dump trucks armed with machetes and firearms in their backpacks under orders from the municipal president Professor Carlos Torres López.

They also remembered two helicopters bombing them with tear gas and the entry of 20 convoys of state police into Ejido Tila in 2005, with the arrest of more than 50 indigenous compañeros to impose municipal president Juan José Díaz Solórzano causing displacements and the death of newborn children who were not able to withstand the tear gas.

Finally, they gave thanks that secular education is free in constitutional Article 3, since it is a right, fostering the love of country, conscience, solidarity, independence and justice.


Originally Published in Spanish by Chiapas Paralelo

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee




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