8 more municipalities reject the San Cristóbal-Palenque Highway

Movement for Defense of Life and Territory: Absolute rejection of the superhighway and the mega-projects, rejection of transgenic seeds.

By: Chiapas Paralelo

The Movement in Defense of Life and Territory (Modevite), which is composed of believing people in the parishes of Yajalón, Candelaria, Huixtán, Oxchuc, Ocosingo, Altamirano, Chilón, Sitalá and Chicomuselo, unite in rejection of the construction of the San Cristóbal de las Casas-Palenque Highway, because it signifies a destruction of Mother Earth.

More than 20 days after the Movement in Defense of Life and Territory (Modevite) of San Juan Cancuc stated a series of points in which they expressed their rejection to carrying out the project, 8 more municipalities and 1 locality have currently added on.

The communities that make up the Modevite questioned this project in a communiqué by asking: “who benefits from the megaproject of destruction that is the San Cristóbal-Palenque superhighway?”

Based on the fact that this project would bring about dispossession of indigenous territory and the destruction of Mother Earth, they denounced that the state and federal governments promote deception by conditioning economic resources and government programs upon rejecting [or accepting] this highway.

“We say to the state government, which Rutilio Escandón Cadenas represents, to the federal government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and to the national and transnational corporations that THE LAND IS NOT FOR SALE, IT IS LOVED AND DEFENDED.”

They added that the path of the imposition and the fake consultations destroy the life of the communities, that’s why they don’t want the destruction of Mother Earth for the more than 185 kilometers that the construction requires.

“The plunder is disguised as the construction of a superhighway, saying it will be a benefit to the peoples, but it really has a harmful effect on our brothers and sisters who depend directly on Mother Earth,” they warned.


Originally Published in Spanish by Chiapas Paralelo

Monday, April 29, 2019


Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee






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