CNI-CIG: The Chinameca Declaration


To the peoples of Mexico and the World

Today, April 10, 2019, Chinameca and Amilcingo, Morelos, are homes to the National Indigenous Congress, the Indigenous Government Council, together with organizations and collectives that struggle and organize against capitalism. On April 9 and 10 we met in this territory in resistance to recognize each other in the dignity, pain and hope in the face of the cowardly assassination of Compañero Samir Flores, perpetrated by neoliberalism and its overseers. For those who are no longer afraid, it was converted into rage and conviction.

We continue looking and listening to Samir. He walks among us and reminds us that the path is below, that dignity is not for sale and that life is not negotiated. Brother Samir, in our living and struggling peoples you will continue being, because your life is hope for ours.

We also met to commemorate that Compañero General Emiliano Zapata lives and walks with us, warning of the betrayal and lie that is perceived from afar in the announcements about death and war. That same war that killed him 100 years ago and that snatched Samir from us is the one that makes us call to our brother and compañero General Emiliano Zapata, alive and walking as the conscience of the peoples of Morelos, of this country and the world that is trembling.

Here we say again that the struggle for land is also for life, because the defense of what is sacred to the peoples is a principle that we will not renounce. Today, 100 years after the betrayal and the lie ended the life of General Zapata in a cowardly way, that lie and betrayal returned with an alleged face of democracy, but like then, that word when it comes from above only means war, impersonation and deception of the entire nation.

To Compañero General Emiliano Zapata we salute him raising our voice against the megaprojects that invade the land of the communities that we construct below every day while the neoliberal government is determined to convert our world into a cemetery, where the destruction and suffering of all the peoples flourish in indigenous territories.

Given the grave crisis that not only the peoples that we are suffer, but also humanity and the whole world in the war with which the Mexican and foreign companies are invading our lands, our Mother Earth becomes upset with the environmental destruction and with the dismantling of the organization of the peoples. In the meantime those above are tugging on what keeps us alive, which is the ancestral y sacred territory that we protect.

This capitalist government builds highways, canals and railroads, and reorders the country’s territory to deliver everything to them, it makes laws in their favor and in favor of the might of big capital in the world, starting with the government of the United States. With cynicism, that hydra prepares to take away what is ours, using its military or para-military forces, because with war they concentrate power and increase their profits, which are greater if they make them over the dead corpse of our mother that, as we have said 100 years ago with our compañero General Zapata and as thousands of years ago with our ancestors, it is the land, it is alive and it belongs to us.

From Chinameca, a place where the bad governments thought that they could finish with General Zapata’s word, we direct ourselves with respect to the peoples of this country and the peoples of the world to call on them to listen to us and to add the paths that have the same horizon, below and to the left.

Today the struggle of the original peoples becomes strong with the word and organization of women that show the world profound directions, weave paths of freedom with dignity and, without asking permission, open the paths that patriarchal capital denies and destroys.

We recognize the shameless betrayal of the bad federal government and we do not accept its cynical lies, which you discover ahead of those who believed it, ahead of those who thought that with the lie of the so-called “historic election” or “fourth transformation,” or whatever it’s called, the dispossession would stop, the corruption that makes the State a vulgar shoplifter of what belongs to everyone would stop, that it would keep its word to the teachers in struggle, for those who thought that the military nightmare would end, for those who thought that some national sovereignty would be defended.

On the other hand, sending and putting a gun to the head of the peoples, they want to impose on us a capitalist reordering at the service of big US power on the Isthmus, offering the minerals, the water, and the land. It promises the predators of Mother Earth to respect concessions and permits obtained with the filthiest corruption. It offers foreign owners of the tourist economy the dismantling of social property on the Yucatán Peninsula. It guarantees to big capital the operation of the thermoelectric plant in Huexca, Morelos, despite the lives of the peoples of the volcano.

One hundred years after the assassination of compañero General Emiliano Zapata we declare that we are on alert given the urgency with which the companies and the mercenaries who back them up, who are in the government as well as in the organized crime cartels, in a savage and lethal way are appropriating our territories, standing over the destruction they have left not only in our country, but also in the world.

It’s that the neoliberal government, which many thought was of the left, the one that not only declared war on our peoples, but is part of the war against humanity, the one that doesn’t give a respite to life because it wouldn’t represent profits. The war invades every corner and takes many forms in order to suck the last drop of life from Mother Earth, the capitalists are ready to take possession of life, because they know that it’s running out and if life is exhausted, like any merchandise on the market, it leaves greater profits.

Today, sisters and brothers from many countries arrive in crowds seeking refuge from the tragedy in which the power of money converted their home, their communities or their cities. They seek refuge from the wars that made their geographies uninhabitable spaces.

To Compañero General Emiliano Zapata and to Compañero Samir Flores we say to you that your seeds of liberty, democracy and justice, are born and grow in every corner where we name life, where we name them with resistance of the peoples that bet on a new world.


From Chinameca, Morelos, April 10, 2019

For the Integral Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Never More a Mexico without Us

National Indigenous
 Congress | Indigenous Government Council


Originally Published in Spanish by the Congreso Nacional Indígena

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee


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