Zapatistas render homage to Gael García Bernal in the Caracol of Our Lives Film Festival

Photo: Radio Zapatista

 By the Editors

On the second day of the Puy ta Cuxlejaltic (Caracol of Our Lives) Film Festival in the Caracol of Oventic, rendered homage to Gael García Bernal, Pamela Yates, Ilsa Salas, Marta Ferrer, Rocío Martínez Ts’ujul, Concepción Suárez and Inti Cordera, directors that participate in the Ixmukané category.

Two small Zapatistas were the ones in charge of delivering the recognition to Gael García Bernal for his participation in the Puy ta Cuxlejaltic Film Festival, convoked by the EZLN, which is being celebrated from November 1 to 9 in the Caracol of Oventic, in the Chiapas Highlands.

Subcomandante Galeano announced the attendance of some 4,000 Zapatistas, inside of which are girls, boys, women and men of all ages.

The second day of the festival started with a series of documentaries produced by the “Tercios compas,” a collective that was born in 2014 facing the need to have truthful information and analysis in the Zapatista communities. It’s a large collective of Zapatista communicators that have as their objective breaking the information circle producing materials for their own communities.

Afterwards, the documentary Semillas de Guamúchil, was presented, directed by Carolina Corral, a documentary work that emerge from an investigation carried out by the anthropologist Rosalva Aída Hernández with women prisoners of the Atlacholoaya Prison, in Morelos. The project resulted in the book Bajo la sombra del guamúchil (Under the shade of the guamúchil tree): stories of the life of indigenous and campesina women in prison, the creation of the Sisters in the Shadow Editorial Collective, a radio series and this documentary.

During the day, in the “Pie cinema Maya” installed in the esplanade of the Caracol of Oventic, the little girl called Defensa Zapatista and the little boy called Pedrito, accompanied by other girls and also Esperanza Zapatista, Amado Zapatista, Pablito Zapatista and their reinforcements, Yanileth Zapatista, Adelaida Zapatista, Elaide Zapatista and Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, gave their “respects,” commemorative clappers and the “Caracol of our lives” to the collectives that make fiction and documentary film.

“As the situation is now in our country an d in the world, life is one of the most fragile things there is… also the Caracol that we are going to deliver,” Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano said.

The following collectives were also honored in the Festival: Oaxaca Cine, Ocote Sign, Water Eye Communication, Koman Ilel, La Marabunta Filmadora, Espora Kolectivo, Paliacate, Aragón Beacon, Eastern Beacon, Indigenous Videographers of the Southern Border Project, Solidarity Collective, SubVersiones, La Sandía Digital, Itinerant Audiovisual Camp.


Originally Published in Spanish by Somoselmedio

Saturday, November 4, 2018

Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee

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