Program for the Zapatista Roundtable discussion


Poster and Photography Exhibition

April 15-25, 2018, at CIDECI-UniTierra, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Images of Hope 
Poster art from Marichuy’s campaign
 Curated by Alejandro Magallanes

Absences and Presences
 Disappeared Women, Women of Dignified Rage
 Photographs by Maya Goded and Graciela Iturbid


Music Concert

Sunday April 15, beginning at 4pm, at the CIDECI-UniTierra
 (Program to follow)


Roundtable Sessions:

Monday April 16, 4pm: 
Marichuy Patricio Martínez, 
Mercedes Olivera, 
Márgara Millán and 
Sylvia Marcos

Tuesday April 17, 4pm: Carlos Aguirre Rojas,
 Alicia Castellanos, 
Gilberto López y Rivas
 and Alejandro Grimson

Wednesday April 18, 4pm: 
Films and documentaries: Tobias, Directed by Francisca Dacosta, with an introduction by the director; Somos Lengua,  Directed by Kyzza Terrazas, with an introduction by the director and 
La libertad de Diablo, Directed by Everardo González, with an introduction by the director.

Thursday, April 19, 4pm: 
Fernanda Navarro, 
Lupita Vázquez Luna, 
Erika Bárcena Arévalo, 
Jaime Martínez Luna
 and Carlos López Beltrán

Friday April 20, 4pm: 
Jorge Alonso, 
Carlos Mendoza 
Jacobo, Dayán 
Mónica Meltis and 
Irene Tello Arista

Saturday April 21, morning session beginning at 10am: Daniela Rea
, Marcela Turati, 
Javier Risco, 
Emilio Lezama
 and Luis Hernández Navarro

Saturday April 21, afternoon session beginning at 4pm:
 Marichuy Patricio Martínez
, Mardonio Carvallo, 
Carlos González, Adolfo Gilly, 
Juan Carlos Rulfo, 
Juan Villoro and 
Pablo González Casanova

Sunday April 22, morning session beginning at 10am:
 Bertha Navarro
, Ximena Antillón, Mariana Mora and Edith Escareño, 
Mauricio González González
 and John Gibler

Sunday April 22, afternoon session beginning at 4pm:
 Juan Carlos Rulfo, 
Paul Theroux, 
Cristina Rivera-Garza
, Abraham Cruzvillegas & Gabriela Jáuregui and
 Enrique Serna

Monday April 23, 4pm:
 Sergio Rodríguez Lascano
, Magda Gómez
, Bárbara Zamora and 
Rafael Castañeda

Tuesday April 24, 4pm:
 Natalia Beristáin, 
Néstor Quiñones, 
Daniel Giménez Cacho and 
Yásnaya Aguilar Gil

Wednesday April 25, 4pm:
 Support team for the CIG [Indigenous Governing Council] and its spokeswoman / Chiapas Collective. 
Support team for the CIG and its spokeswoman / Mesa de Bellas Artes Collective
, Raúl Romero, 
Pablo González Casanova
 and Roundtable Closing

From the Support Team
 April, 2018

En español:




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