EZLN and CNI delegates call for closing ranks


By: Isaín Mandujano


This Tuesday some 500 delegates of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the EZLN’s military commanders initiated the fifth national gathering where they will analyze the national political situation, because they warned that the scenario would not be better heading into 2018. Therefore, it is urgent to close ranks and organize before the assault that comes from those that “badly govern” the country.

Called to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the creation of the CNI, indigenous coming from all corners of Mexico arrived at the Holistic Center for Indigenous Training-University of the Earth (Cideci, its Spanish acronym) in San Cristóbal de las Casas to analyze the national political situation through which the country crosses and to prepare an action plan in a coordinated and articulated way.

The indigenous talked about the 2018 elections and ratified that the path of elections is no longer the path for achieving the change that the country needs. The speakers, one-by-one, gave details of the mega-projects that threaten the original peoples in their regions.

They also warned that the future holds nothing promising for the indigenous peoples of Mexico, because of which it’s urgent to achieve unity and organize before the assault of the powerful that “badly govern” this country.

At the soldiers’ table where Subcomandante Galeano, Subcomandante Moisés, Comandante Tacho and other members of the EZLN’s General Command were, the speakers talked about the need to instrument an action plan for being prepared “to face what’s coming.”

Access to the event was restricted to the press, where participants were rigorously registered to access the gathering that started last Sunday and was formally inaugurated today (Tuesday, October 11).

Moisés spoke in the name of the EZLN. He remembered the context and the necessity for creating the CNI 20 years ago, with the participation of the largest number of the original peoples of Mexico.

They also honored the now-deceased founders, among them Comandante Ramona, great father Juan Chávez, honorary insurgent major Félix Serdán, compañero Ramiro Taboada and brother Efrén Capiz.

“Talking among ourselves the original peoples was and is very necessary now more than ever, because the destruction that the capitalists do against Mother Earth is extensive now and that means that we will also be destroyed, because we live on her,” Moisés warned.

“Dialoguing with each other does us good, helps us understand, helps us to orient ourselves in many things about our life, but only working it bears fruit, if it isn’t worked it doesn’t bear fruit, the working is with the peoples, the fruit is the peoples that work organizing each other, and fighting, strengthen each other, sacrificing, as often as needed. If we don’t do that work, who is going to do it? We know very well that nobody will come,” he added.

“Today we believe that we are here precisely for that, to see each other, listen to each other, which is what we have done, how we have done it. What we lack is what to do and how we’re going to do it; where we fail and how we’re going to correct and improve,” said Moisés.

“Now more than ever we must be united, countryside and city. Our trench for struggle, work and organization, is where we live in each town and later in each nation, in each tribe, in each barrio, as original peoples,” he emphasized.

He also called for organization and unity in each town and each barrio, in each trench, because now more than ever it’s necessary to continue the fight “like our ancestors did, Resistance and Rebellion, but now for a change that the poor of the countryside and the city truly need. We need to construct among ourselves the world we want.”

Moisés continued: “We who are exploited need to be together in the countryside and in the city and to construct the world that we want. We think that in that we ought to dedicate our efforts, our sacrifices to working and organizing, to know what to do when necessary. Now nothing is left to us other than to bind together to get ourselves, the original peoples of the countryside and of the city, organized.”

Especially, he noted, the task is to realize among the barrios, tribes, nations and original peoples that they no longer have a place to take refuge, because they are attacked in the countryside and in the city.

“Today we must lift our eyes among ourselves the exploited to organize ourselves, work and fight for the city and the countryside to be organized together. Because in truth we native peoples of the countryside and the city are witnesses to the fact that in the capitalist system there is not any good or tiny thing for a better life for the original peoples or those in the city,” said the Zapatista military command.


Originally Published in Spanish by Proceso.com

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Re-Published with English interpretation by the Chiapas Support Committee




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