EZLN: Why don’t you self-prescribe this?


Zapatista National Liberation Army


To the Federal Judiciary Council of Mexico:

In all this time the only terrorists have been those who for more than 80 years have so badly governed this country. You are simply the sink where those who commit genocide go to wash their hands and together you have converted the judicial system into a poorly built and clogged latrine, the national flag into a reusable roll of toilet paper, and the national shield into a logo made of undigested fast food. Everything else is pure theater in order to simulate justice where there is only impunity and shamelessness, feigning “institutional government” where there is nothing more than dispossession and repression.

So, prescribe yourselves this (the graphic images):


The Captions read: (Left) From 6 feet under, The deceased and sorely missed (ha!) SupMarcos

 (Right) Why so serious?  I adhere and subscribe (not prescribe/expire):


 Authorized by the General Command of the EZLN

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

Mexico, February 2016

P.S. So, does this mean the Tampiqueño [2] is now free to leave the community and go out for some stuffed crabs? He’ll pick up the tab, of course, otherwise forget it. So he is free now to do what any other Mexican can do? That is, now he’s free to be exploited, mocked, defrauded, humiliated, disrespected, spied on, extorted, kidnapped, murdered, disappeared, and to suffer all those insults to his intelligence from those who say they govern this country? I mean, I’m asking because this is the only thing the “institutions” guarantee any citizen in this country who isn’t above.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] On February 23, 2016, Mexico’s Federal Judiciary Council determined that the outstanding charges and arrest warrant against then Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos were extinguished as a matter of law because the statute of limitations expired after 21 years (February 1995 to February 2016). The charges were for the crimes of terrorism, sedition, mutiny, rebellion, and conspiracy. This comunicado is in response to that determination and plays on the different meanings of the Spanish verb prescribir, which can mean to prescribe (like a remedy) or to extinguish (as in a legal provision). The Mexican Judiciary says his arrest warrant “se prescribe” (is extinguished) and the EZLN answers: “why don’t you “autoprescribirse” (self-prescribe)… this.” Then, the images of middle fingers appear.

[2] “El Tampiqueño” – Refers to a male person from Tampico. In 1995, the Mexican government claimed that it knew the real identity of Marcos. Therefore, it filed charges and issued an arrest warrant against the person they claimed was Marcos. That person is originally from the Mexican state of Tampico and so the EZLN refers to the person as the “Tampiqueño.”

Originally Published in Spanish by Enlace Zapatista






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