EZLN: Truth and justice will never, ever come from above



Mexico, August 16, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:

To the National Indigenous Congress:

To those below and to the left in the world:

To who in may concern:

It is remarked once again that neither truth nor justice will come from above.



One must expect only simulation, deceit, impunity and cynicism from above.

The criminal up above will always have absolution and recompense, because the one that judges him is the same one pays him. Criminals and judges are the same.  They are poisonous heads of the very same hydra. And now we have a new example:

As the Zapatistas that we are, we have realized that two of the intellectual authors of the assassination of compañero teacher Galeano have returned to their homes in the village of La Realidad, fat and happy.  They were supposedly prisoners because of the assassination of our teacher and compañero. We already know that the same ones that financed and supported them –the federal and Chiapas governments– have declared them innocent of the crime.  The self-named “judge” Víctor Manuel Zepeda López, of the criminal branch of Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas, on August 12 of this year, sentenced that Senores Carmelino Rodríguez Jiménez and Javier López Rodríguez are innocent, despite the fact that they and their accomplices of the CIOAC-Historic know that they are guilty of organizing the crime; not the only ones, but they are guilty.

They brought them back secretly to La Realidad.  They told them not to be seen much and to be discrete, but the arrogance of one who knows he has impunity in front of justice from above loosens the tongue.  There they state, to whoever wants to listen that they were not prisoners, but rather guarded in a house where they received all the attention and congratulations of the state government of Manuel Velasco and from the leaders of the CIOAC-Historic for the assassination of teacher Galeano, and that they told them that they had to wait a while to return to their village “and to continue with what remained pending.”

The only thing missing now if that their accomplices come out to declare in their favor: Pablo Salazar Mendeguchía, Luis H. Álvarez, Jaime Martínez Veloz, Juan Sabines Guerrero, Manuel Velasco, Manuel Culebro Gordillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón, Enrique Peña Nieto and Rosario Robles.  These individuals are some of those who tamed the CIOAC-Historic and converted it into what it is now: a paramilitary gang useful for driving voters to the polls and for the assassination of social fighters.

It’s also missing that progressive journalists interview them and present them as victims of the “ferocious” Galeano (just him against more than two dozen criminal cioaquistas [1]), re-publish the lie about a confrontation, publish their rigged photos, and collect with the right hand for the service rendered, vehicles with chauffer included, while in their media they extol the “great” development of the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas and, with the left hand, celebrate their “commitment to social struggles.”


As the Zapatistas that we are, we see and hear not only to our rage, our rage, our hatred towards those up there above who feel that they are the owners of lives and destinies, of land and subsoil; and towards those who sell out, with their movements and organizations, betraying their history and principles.

As the Zapatistas that we are, we also see and hear other pains, other rages and other hatreds.

We see and hear the pain and rage, the complaint made by the families of thousands of citizens and migrants disappeared and murdered.

We see and hear the tenacious search for justice of the families of the little boys and girls murdered in the ABC nursery school in Sonora.

We see and hear the rage that becomes the dignified and rebel hunger strike of anarchist prisoners in Mexico and in other parts of the world.

We see and hear the rage in the tireless steps of the families of the 47 absent from Ayotzinapa.

We see and hear the rage of our Nahua brother community of Ostula, attacked by the army.

We see and hear the rage of our Ñahtó brother community of San Francisco Xochicuautla at the dispossession of their forests.

We see and hear the rage of the brother Yaqui people because of those unjustly imprisoned and because of the brazen robbery of their territory.

We see and hear the rage because of the joke that is the investigation is in the murder of Olivia Alejandra Negrete Avilés, Yesenia Atziry Quiroz Alfaro, Nadia Dominicque Vera Pérez, Mile Virginia Martin Gordillo and Rubén Espinosa Becerril, in Mexico City.

We see and hear the rage of the democratic teachers that resist the media, police and military war that they suffer for the crime of not giving up.

We see and hear the indignation of those who, in the unruly and brutal north, are attacked for the color of their skin and because of that color are sentenced and condemned.

We see and hear the rage and pain expressed for the disappeared women, murdered for the crime of being woman; for all those who are attacked because Power cannot tolerate anything outside of its narrow thinking; for the childhood that is destroyed before it even has the chance to become a macroeconomic statistic.

We see and hear that all of these people receive only lies and mockery from those who proclaim to administer justice and who in reality only administer impunity and encourage crime.

We see and hear everywhere the same promises of truth and justice, and the same lies. They don’t even bother to change the words; all those above already have a text that they read, and badly.

Now is the time in which, when the one from below asks why he is being attacked, the answer from the one above is: “for being who you are.

It’s because in this world in which we feel pain, the criminal is free and the just are in prison. The killer is rewarded and the dead are slandered.

But we also see and hear that there are more and more voices all the time that don’t trust [those above], that don’t let themselves [be manipulated] and that rebel.

We as Zapatistas, women and men, did not trust those above before, nor do we now, nor will we ever, regardless of the color of their flag, regardless of their style of speech, regardless of their race. If one is above, it is because s/he is oppressing those below.

Those above have no trustworthy word, no honor, no shame and no dignity.

Truth and justice will never, ever, come from above.

We will have to construct them from below. And the criminal will pay until the accounts are paid.

Because what those above don’t know is that every crime that remains unpunished further inflames hate and rage.

And every injustice committed only opens the path for that hate and rage to become organized.

And on the Roman scale of our sorrows, we will weigh what they owe us.

And we will send the bill… and we will collect it.

We will then indeed have truth and justice.  Not as a handout from above, but rather as a conquest from below.

Prison will then be for the criminals and not for the just.

And life, dignity, just and at peace, will be for everyone.

That’s it.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés      Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano

Mexico, August 2015




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