EZLN: Special Cases


If you have not received an email with a “pass” to the second grade, it could be because…
…the email address you used to register for first grade has expired, or was erased, or you have forgotten your password.

…You have the same email but you haven’t received a “pass” because we got mixed up and we need your information again…or because you didn’t pass to second grade. If after following the instructions we detail below you don’t receive a “pass” email within a month, then it’s because you didn’t pass first grade.

In either case, the way to resolve the issue is simple: it is sufficient to send a new email to this address: casosespeciales@ezln.org.mx, from a new email account with the following information:

–your full name and date of birth
–where you live
–your registration code if you remember it or have it
–the dates in which you went to first grade
–the place where you went to first grade (if you went to a community, the name of the community and the Caracol it corresponds to); (if it was by videoconference, the name of the place, neighborhood, city, country, and continent where you had the videoconference)
–the name of your Votán.

En español: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2015/07/29/casos-especiales/


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