Mexican Army harassing La Realidad

A Mexican Army convoy with trucks, hummers, jeeps and a motorized team harasses Zapatista Good Government Junta

Mexican Army patrols La Realidad

Mexican Army patrols La Realidad

Chiapas México. March 12, 2015. “The growing harassment that the Mexican Army is carrying out in Zapatista territory causes concern,” the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba warns, after having observed the repeated presence of the Mexican Army, in territory of the Good Government Junta in La Realidad, in the Border Jungle Zone.

From the Civilian Observation Brigades (BriCO), the Frayba has documented since July 2014, “systematic incursions of the Mexican Army, which is harassing the Bases of Support of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (BAEZLN, their initials in Spanish).”

The human rights defense organization denounces low-flying airplanes and helicopters photographing and filming BriCO members, BAEZLN and the installations of the Junta. “These actions have been in increasing since last July, as much in the number of troops as in the frequency with which they happen,” they observe.

The military acts within the Junta’s territory, also consist of incursions in a convoy with trucks, hummers, jeeps and a motorized team; with members of the Mexican Army that range from four to 30 persons, indicates the Frayba and demands: “that the free determination and autonomy of the Zapatista peoples be respected; and that the harassment perpetrated by the federal government through the Mexican Army cease.”

As background to the gravity of the harassment of the BAEZLN, the non-governmental organism no points out that on May 2, 2014, members of the Independent Central of Farm Workers and Campesinos Historic (CIOAC-H), ambushed BAEZLN within the La Realidad Junta’s territory; during the attack the armed group extra-judicially executed José Luis Solís López, “Maestro Galeano,” and also destroyed the Autonomous Clinic and School.

The human rights center created by Bishop Samuel Ruiz, exposes that: “the CIOAC-H, is part of the Las Margaritas municipal government, with proven protection from the (state) government of Governor Manuel Velasco Coello, who has permitted them to carry out attacks, forced displacements and murders in the region.”


Originally Published in Spanish by: POZOL COLECTIVO March 12, 2015 in Chiapas

English translation: Chiapas Support Committee


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