Zapatista News Summary for December 2014


In Oventik, EZLN Celebrates 21st Anniversary with Ayotzinapa

In Oventik, EZLN Celebrates 21st Anniversary with Ayotzinapa


In Chiapas

1. EZLN Issues Comunicado “On Ayotzinapa,”and much more – On December 14, the EZLN released a long statement with the title “On Ayotzinapa, the Festival and hysteria as a method for analysis and a guide for action.” It analyzed Ayotzinapa as part of the global capitalist war against humanity and offered the EZLN’s 20 spaces to relatives and compañer@s of the murdered and disappeared Ayotzinapa students, thus inviting them as honored guests to the Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism. The section on hysteria is a commentary on the protests that took place in Mexico around the murders and forced disappearance of the students and the reaction to them from journalists, the political class and the “well-behaved.” Lots of political commentary about those above. Although signed by SCI Moisés, it appears that SCI Galeano (formerly Marcos) had considerable input!

2. The EZLN Reports on Who will Attend the Festival – On December 19, the EZLN issued a brief comunicado titled: “On the Eve of the Festival,” in which Subcomandante Moisés lists participants in the Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions Against Capitalism and reminds folks how to sign up.

3. 1st Worldwide Festival Begins in Xochicuautla – The 1st Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism, co-sponsored by the EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress, began with registration on December 20 in Xochicuautla, State of Mexico, and Inauguration of the Festival on December 21 during the day. In the evening some of the left to spend the night and next day at the exchange in Amilcingo. The sharing of resistances (exchanges) took place on December 22 and 23 in both locations. Reports from Xochicuautla focused on the commonalities of the different indigenous struggles that were present and the need to defend Mother Earth. Parents and compañer@s of Ayotzinapa accepted the EZLN’s invitation and those in attendance at the Inauguration of the Festival listened as they, in turn, invited attendees to join their movement. The Report from Amilcingo lists the many struggles (mirrors) present. It included many familiar struggles, including some from Chiapas. A detailed report in Spanish includes beautiful drawings and photos.

4. The Festival Moves to the Federal District – An exchange of struggles, workshops, music and other cultural offerings defined the continuation of the Festival of Resistances and Rebellions held in a facility of the Francisco Villa Independent Popular Front-UNOPII, in Itztapalapa, Federal District. The free media reported that a representative of the parents of the ABC Day Care Center in Hermosillo, Sonora, spoke and read a statement from the parents.

5. San Sebatián Bachajón Recuperates Its Land from the Government – On December 21, the ejido of San Sebastian Bachajón, in Chiapas, recuperated its lands that were stolen by the government in 2011. The reclaimed land involves the ticket booth at the entrance to the Agua Azul Cascades, a large tourist attraction between Ocosingo and Palenque. It also includes a public security office and a government clinic that is not in use. The complete story with photos can be found on the following web page:

6. The CIOAC-H Threatens to Displace A Community in Las Margaritas – On December 17, the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba) issued an urgent action regarding armed threats to displace Primero de Enero, a community in Las Margaritas Municipality (county). These threats have apparently been on-going since EZLN “sympathizers” settled on the land in 2013. The Urgent Action describes the folks under attack as “sympathizers,” rather than adherents to the Sixth Declaration or EZLN support bases. The CIOAC-H is the campesino organization to which the paramilitaries belong that murdered Compañero Galeano in La Realidad (also located in the official municipality of Las Margaritas) and which continues to receive protection from the official municipal government of Las Margaritas.

7. Las Abejas Commemorates 17th Anniversary of the Acteal Massacre with Ayotzinapa Parents – On December 22, 2014, Las Abejas commemorated the 17th Anniversary of the Acteal Massacre, in which paramilitaries murdered 45 women, men and children while they prayed for peace. A delegation of 14 people from Ayotzinapa, including students and parents of the disappeared, arrived in Acteal to participate in the activities commemorating the 17th anniversary of the murder of the 45 indigenous on December 22, 1997. “We came to share our situation and to report a little about what we are experiencing as family members, (…) the Acteal tragedy is similar to ours; it has no differences because it is the same Mexican State that committed that murder 17 years ago. Our demands of the State continue being that the disappeared be returned alive, that there is justice for the four murdered youths, complete reparations for the damage, that another line of investigation is opened against the 27th Battalion of the Mexican Army, that former Governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero is investigated and that he is incarcerated if he has responsibility.”

8. New Years Eve in Oventik – December 31, 2014 represented the final exchange (sharing) of the Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellions Against Capitalism. After midnight, it also represented the 21st Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising. The EZLN issued a comunicado in Spanish (not yet translated) of the EZLN’s words on its 21st Anniversary. In the ceremonies, Moisés embraced each of the parents and survivors from Ayotzinapa and said that the EZLN would join their struggle.

In other parts of Mexico

1. No Christmas or New Years Vacations for Ayotzinapa Parents and Students – Relatives and student compañer@s of the 4 murdered and 42 disappeared Ayotzinapa students spent a busy Holiday season. They said that this was a time of struggle for them, not of vacations. Apostolic (papal) nuncio Christophe Pierre, a Vatican diplomat in Mexico, officiated at a mass in Ayotzinapa with the parents and students, accompanied by the Archbishop of Acapulco. The parents are petitioning the Pope to help them find their disappeared children and Christophe Pierre said he would deliver their request to the Pope. Additionally, the parents and students appeared in marches and demonstrations in and around Mexico City and Guerrero and asked that no elections be held in 2015; if elections are held, they advocate that people not vote. They also participated in the EZLN/CNI Festival of Resistances and the commemoration of the Acteal Massacre.

Compiled monthly by the Chiapas Support Committee.The primary sources for our information are: Enlace Zapatista, the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba) and free media.
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