EZLN: Almost 5 times




ezln-pasamontanasJuly 2014.

To the compañer@s of the Sixth in Mexico and the world.

Dear Compas:

Zapatista greetings to all those who supported our compañero and compañera bases of support. We send an embrace to all those who helped generate funds for the reconstruction of the school and clinic in the Zapatista La Realidad that were destroyed by the bad governments via their paramilitaries from the CIOAC-Historic.

Today, July 18, 2014, we want to give you an updated report of the funds generated to date. Since the last report we sent, more money has come in which hadn’t arrived before due to lack of adequate means to send it. For example, our compas of the Sixth in Europe had problems getting the money here, but they resolved that issue and those funds have now arrived in full. The same happened to other compas and collectives in Mexico and in the world.

So here is the total amount, including what we reported in June, of what has, to our knowledge, been raised. Some of it is not actually here yet but is in good hands and sure to arrive safely.

From collectives from all over the world, a total (including the $344,612 that we listed in the last report) of: $937,922.26 (nine hundred thirty-seven thousand, nine hundred twenty-two pesos and 26 cents).

From individuals from all over the world, a total of: $20,724.00 (twenty thousand seven hundred twenty-four pesos).
All together, this comes to a total of $958,646.26 (nine hundred fifty-eight thousand six hundred forty-six pesos and twenty-six cents).

The strength of your collective efforts together with individual contributions has raised five times the amount budged for the reconstruction. That is, the amount is almost quintuple what we asked for, which is $200,209.00.

This doesn’t include the money we are told will be raised at the concert to be held tomorrow, July 19, 2014, at the SME-Coapa sports complex, where musicians in struggle will perform, including Ideología Vigente, MC Lokoter, Sonora Skandalera, El Aarón, Barricada Sur, NARS MC, Mexikan Sound Sytem, Su Merce, To Ciuc Libre, Sound Sisters, Kori Fyah, Los Zopes, Resistencia de México. You’ll have to forgive me if the names aren’t exactly right, because we’re looking at them on a poster on twitter; it says that the music starts at 11:30 and ends at 7:30. That is, there will be 8 hours of musical resistance.

With these funds the compañeras and compañeros of La Realidad Zapatista will be able to buy both supplies and medicines.

In the name of our compañeras and compañeros bases of support of the EZLN, all we can say is thank you for your conscientious struggle and support.

With this support it is clear that the “big heads” that say we are alone and forgotten are mistaken.

Soon we will begin reconstruction work and then it will be clear that those who are against us did not manage to destroy or detain the struggle for a new world. The newly constructed school and clinic are going to be even better than they were before.

And so it goes, compañer@s of the Sixth, because those of us who say we are below and to the left and part of the anticapitalist Sixth have to be good and decided in what we are doing.

Look at the compañero Galeano: he wasn’t murdered because he stole or because he didn’t pay his debts in dollars or euros to the capitalists. He didn’t steal and he didn’t have any debts to anyone even in his own town. On the contrary, people owed him money.

He was murdered for being below and to the left and anti capitalist.

Those who carried out the murder are still free, only a few of those who planned the murder are in jail. Justice has not been done.

We are remembering him these days because we are in meetings about the exchange that is coming up with the compañer@s of the National Indigenous Congress. As we were going over the list of coordinators, his name came up and all of the compañer@s who were there, upon hearing the compañero Galeano’s name, shouted “presente!”

Thus the work goes on and the struggle continues.

There is little time left to support the compañeros of the National Indigenous Congress in their travel to the exchange.

But each person’s art of struggle will help us find a way.

So, onward compañer@s.

Because the anticapitalist struggle below and to the left continues.

That’s all for now. We will keep you updated.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.
Mexico, July 2014. In the twentieth year of the war against oblivion.

En español: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2014/07/20/almost-5-times

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