Zapatista Summer Film: The Sixth Sun

Zapatista Summer

 This summer, the Chiapas Support Committee is working with other collectives and organizations to promote the 10th Anniversary of the Zapatista Good Government Councils (Juntas), the “Little Zapatista Schools” (Escuelitas) the 20th Anniversary of the January 1, 1994 Zapatista Uprising and to build community here in the Bay. Zapatista Summer began with a beautiful Concert at Rincon in San Francisco with performances by Francisco Herrera, local musicians and Spoken Word by Arnoldo Garcia. The funds raised will be donated to the Zapatistas to help offset their expenses for the Anniversary of the Juntas and the “escuelitas” (Little Schools that teach Freedom According to the Zapatistas).

We will continue sponsoring events throughout the summer as the Zapatistas prepare to celebrate their 20th Anniversary on January 1, 2014! Please join us at these events to celebrate the EZLN’s resurgence and to learn how you can participate. Our next event is a film screening of the Sixth Sun, co-sponsored with the Eastside Arts Alliance. For more Info: or (510) 654-9587





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