Marcos Responds to Cartoon Critics

“If the Sup Doesn’t Speak, the EZLN Doesn’t Exist for the Media or the Politicians”

 ** In a new communiqué Marcos attempts “to throw fuel on the fire” from his graphic letter

** He also criticizes those who accuse the Zapatistas of being an invention of Carlos Salinas de Gortari

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

In a series of 16 “post-scripts to the graphic letter” published Thursday, Subcomandante Marcos now appears “throwing fuel on the fire.” And he proves, with data, in the new communiqué, that if he doesn’t speak, the EZLN and the rebel communities “don’t exist” to the media, the political class and public opinion (come in a tweet or in whatever). He also continue responding to his critics with soccer information, tips for navigating in the seas of piracy in Mexico City, ironies about television, print media, social networks and the partisan left.

One of these PS “gives advice to those who go to the IFE to ask for registry:” “Perhaps it would go better for you in the elections if instead of judging ‘the deaths from hunger’ (it is more tender than what you told them in the case of the pre-paid gift cards) that didn’t vote for you, you try to understand them. But okay, millions of Mexicans who did vote for you, can explain who are each one of the mentioned characters or series” (in the cartoon published by La Jornada, 01/10/13).

Further on, the Subcomandante “does a little bit from memory:” “When a part of the learned left still juggled to try to give a theoretical foundation to the unfortunate occurrence of the ‘beloved republic,’ and a torrid honeymoon was lived with the big communications media (and large quantities of money were dedicated to publicity in electronic and print media), the students of what later would be known as #YoSoy132 were already denouncing the role of the big communications media in Mexican ‘democracy.’ After what happened and that same learned left wanted to establish itself as the tutor of the young rebels (or ‘rioters’, as they say now). As they are no longer in fashion, they forgot about them and tell them ‘you lost your opportunity,’ ‘much noise and you didn’t get anything,’ ‘Starbucks revolutionaries (or however you say it),’ ‘you can’t change the world with a Smartphone (or however you say it).’ The calendar will continue losing blood and, suddenly, they will re-emerge, better, stronger. And those that now forget about them or criticize them will say ‘sure, I knew that they had not disappeared’ or ‘now I am going to say tell them what it is that they must do,’ but others will say ‘there is a lot of suspicion in that you appear every time that something happens.’”

Lesson in racism

In one more PS in his communiqué, the Zapatista spokesperson “gives lessons about racism with the following commentaries: “I read in various directions that ‘EZLN yes, Marcos no’ and that they want to hear the indigenous Zapatistas, not the egomaniacal Sup. Ok, go: The last time that el Sup wrote a communiqué in the name of the EZLN: May 2011, on the occasion of the march in support of the just and dignified movement headed by Javier Sicilia. In the communiqué of the CCRI-CG of the EZLN it greeted the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity and its struggle for the victims of the absurd war of Felipe Calderón.”

And he adds: “Between May 7, 2011 and December 21, 2012 there are 27 denunciations from the Good Government Juntas, in other words, from indigenous Zapatistas WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES mestizos, white and bearded (and the common places that they like to gather), all tweeted and facebooked (or however you say it) by the enlace Zapatista web page. On an average, the 27 denunciations were visited-read 1500 times each and all of them were several days on the principal heading of that web page.”

Marcos gives an “example,” the denunciation of the La Realidad Junta, August 15, 2012: “For 24 days it was posted as the principal note on the Zapatista web page and it received 1,080 visits-readers. The number of tweets (or however you say it) that it provoked: zero. The number of journalists that ‘made note of’ the denunciation: one. The number of comments from intellectuals in their writings: zero. The number of re-tweets (or however you say it): zero. The number of comments accusing the EZLN of being an invention of Salinas de Gortari: zero. The number of unfounded imaginations about why the EZLN only appears in electoral times: zero. The number of newspapers that published the denunciation in their print edition: zero. For sure, the text of the Junta denounced the alliance between the state and municipal government with the PVEM and the PRD to attack Zapatista communities.”

And next he points out: “The number of visits to the Sup’s cartoon that so offended the cultured people: more than 5 thousand in less than 48 hours (mostly twitters –or however you say it–, more the pingbacks –or however you say it–, the cut and pastes, etcetera). Now, review the period that goes from August 2003, the year in which the Juntas were formed and in which they became the direct spokespersons of the Zapatista peoples, and you will see how many time they made official statements, in their own words and without intermediaries. Count how many times you even knew that that word existed. Ok, now yes, they will write about the ‘suspicious’ silence of the Zapatistas and will question why the Zapatistas and Marcos ‘appear’ only when the PRI, that never went away, returns.”

Upon reviewing “the ‘suspicious’ affirmations about the EZLN,” Marcos indicates: “A good part of the arguments that they use when they criticize us are the same ones that the big television networks, commercial radio and the misnamed ‘sellout press’ used, from 1994-95 to this date.” And next “it suggests, insinuates, proposes” a “suppository:”

“A possible route that the ‘caricaturized debate’ (for sure, without the young female aide that so impressed Señor Quadri) could have followed: those alluded to answer with a caricature wherein the Sup is sprawled out, scratching what are very dear, bulging out and choking on junk food, watching television (probably with the Televisa logo, because best that they are careful not to glue themselves to Tv Azteca –ah, and we don’t accuse them of being paid for by Salinas Pliego or Carlos Slim, or that their campaign against the Soriana workers was paid for by Walmart–), the title or a dialogue globe with something just like ‘I am preparing my next communiqué.’

“El Sup counterattacks with another caricature, titled ‘The Recent Past,’ where he is in his wheelchair and an Indigenous in front says to him: ‘The compas say that they are ready, that it falls to you and that you already know what to do.’ The Sup responds: ‘Ok, I need to speak with Elías Contreras to order some DVDs from him.’ The media and friends that accompany them no longer would reproduce the caricature, but rather would start with unfounded kind of imaginations ‘Is the Sup an invalid and therefore does not appear publically?’ followed by ‘very serious’ investigations about the possible diseases that they could have as a consequence of being in a wheelchair.”

Low intellectual coefficient

Trying to submit oneself to the limits of Twitter, in a sudden appearance Durito suggests: “The Zapatistas are like Doctor House: the diagnosis and treatment almost always hit the mark, but the mode of the majority disgusts him. Of the patient, not speaking.”

Always in reference to reactions and responses that have stirred up his recent communications, the Zapatista military commander “clarifies:” “We have read them attentively. We see how, when one dissents from another, they are accused as a Pejezombie [1] or as a Televisa fan and their derivatives. We don’t thin that disparities necessarily have a political affiliation. For example, when someone says ‘the EZLN is an invention of Salinas de Gortari’ we don’t think that he is necessarily a troll, a Pejezombie, a Televisa fan or a Tv Azteca fan (or however they mutually say it). It can be, we think, that we’re just dealing with someone with a low intellectual coefficient, too lazy to read more than 140 characters, or that he is trying to link up with someone that already said that.”

Challenging geometry, he writes: “The world is round, it turns, it changes. But in the world imposed by those above it doesn’t matter how many turns it takes, we are always below. The world that we want is also round, also turns, also changes, but no one is above at the expense of those below.”

Finally, the Zapatista commander gives his opinion “about the millions against the thousands, the hundreds, the dozens or the few,” a theme also present in the latest reactions of his critics: “The argument of the majority against the minority makes us lazy and makes me remember an old graffiti (or how do you say it) on an old wall that I saw when it was old. With a fiesta of colors, it sentenced: Eat shit. Millions of flies cannot be wrong.”

[1] Pejezombie – Peje is the nickname for Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), twice the presidential candidate of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in Mexico, who has since left the PRD to start a new party whose acronym is Morena. Saying Pejezombie is like saying AMLO zombie.


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada

Sunday, January 13, 2013

En español:




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