Junta Demands That Invaders Leave Monte Redondo Lands, In Chiapas

Junta Demands That Invaders Leave Monte Redondo Lands, In Chiapas

 Para leer en español: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2011/08/04/politica/022n1pol

** It asserts that state authorities and ejido owners provoke EZLN support bases

** It places responsibility on members of the PAN, PRI, PRD and PVEM for covering up the aggressions

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

The Good Government Junta (Junta) Towards Hope, of the Zapatista Caracol of the jungle border region in La Realidad, Chiapas, denounced “provocations and damages” by authorities and ejido members of Monte Redondo (Frontera Comalapa) against EZLN support bases belonging to Tierra y Libertad autonomous municipality. They place responsibility on members of the four political parties: PAN, PRD, PRI and PVEM, and on the state government, for covering up the aggressions.

The Junta refers to the fact that Patricio Domínguez Vázquez, Alba Palacios de León and Carmelino Felipe Pérez, Zapatista bases, acquired lands inside the same ejido in 1972, and cultivated them “without any problem” until 1987, when “serious conflicts” emerged that persist to this date. Former and current authorities and other ejido owners committed “aggravations, land grabs and robbery” of corn, beans, fruit and coffee, besides “illegally” occupying lands.

The autonomous representatives identified with clarity the invaders of more than 19 acres of Felipe Pérez, more than 7 of Patricio Domínguez and 19 of Alba de León. One of the invaders, the PRD member Conrado Domínguez, had occupied 2.7 acres, which he sold in March of this year for 50, 000 pesos “as if he were the owner.” Last July 27, some 200 people, among them authorities of the Monte Redondo ejido, “went into our compañeros’ parcels to cut down the coffee bushes that were already bearing fruit.”

These actions are impelled by the authorities and people that support them in the same ejido: Emar Sánchez Carrillo, ejidal commissioner; Filadelfo Hernández Ramírez, the commission’s secretary; Miguel de León Morales and Eutimio Méndez Aguilar, vigilance counsel; Hernán de León, municipal agent, and Óscar Méndez Roblero, substitute municipal agent, among others. “Our compañeros are the legitimate owners of these lands and they have the documents,” the Junta maintains.

The “people without shame that are provoking are ejido members with more than 37 acres each, and if some of them no longer have land it is because they sold it.” These people, “supported by the three governmental instances, the Junta abounds, are the same ones that incarcerated our compañero Patricio Domínguez (a few months ago) because of a false accusation.” After the denunciations and intervention of human rights organisms he was liberated “because he did not commit any crime. Now they are provoking g us again.

“If they think that we are not worthy, that we have no dignity, they are wrong. We are humble, simple, and people of reason to those who respect us, and to those who do not respect us, we don’t respect them either and we will never let them humiliate us.”

The Junta points out that the provocations “are the bad government’s plans and it declares Juan Sabines Guerrero guilty, because he deceives and manipulates the people.”

In this case “it is seen that he is the actor and accomplice, while the other villagers obey their master because he pays them to do harm to the Zapatistas. But we are going to defend ourselves because we are in the right and we demand that they take these people that are invading out of our lands.”

The Junta and the Zapatista rebel municipal counsels warn that: “if they don’t let our compañeros work in peace on their lands, the party members will have serious problems against our organization.”

They warn the federal, state and municipal (of David Escobar) governments that if they don’t stop the provocations, the problems “will get worse each time, because we are not going to let ourselves be humiliated before a bunch of thieves that are taking advantage of the effort of our compañeros, who will continue working their lands.”


Originally Published in Spanish by La Jornada


Thursday, August 4, 2011

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